Freedom F0x weekly cyberanarhist ezine №007

Freedom F0x weekly cyberanarhist ezine №007





* Create randomly insecure VMs

* Applied Purple Teaming - Infrastructure, Threat Optics, and Continuous Improvement

* A tool designed to hunt for Phishing Kit source code

* Mouse Framework is an iOS and macOS post-exploitation framework

* Arissploit Framework is a simple framework designed to master penetration testing tools.

* Quack Toolkit is a set of tools to provide denial of service attacks. Quack Toolkit includes SMS attack tool, HTTP attack tool and many other attack tools

* A very rough x64 POC for spoofing environment variables

* Extending BloodHound: Track and Visualize Your Compromise

* Empire 3.2.3 is out! This update adds some new features

* HTB Endgame: P.O.O.

* HomePwn - Swiss Army Knife for Pentesting of IoT Devices

* LethalHTA - A new lateral movement technique using DCOM and HTA

* Web-based check for Windows privesc vulnerabilities

* Impost3r -- A linux password thief

* Cmd Hijack - a command/argument confusion with path traversal in cmd.exe

* undocumented env vars in mscorwks.dll

* nRF52 Debug Resurrection (APPROTECT Bypass)

* Technical Advisory – ARM MbedOS USB Mass Storage Driver Memory Corruption

* A fast TCP tunnel over HTTP

* Minimalistic TCP / UDP Port Scanner

* is a Python3 script designed to parse network packet capture files and extract NTLMv2 hashes in a crackable format.

* OOB to RCE: Exploitation of the Hobbes Functional Interpreter

* mimikatz.cs one-liner

* Full DLL Unhooking with C++

* AppSec Ezine - 330th Edition

* Red Team: Using SharpChisel to exfil internal network

* C# Wrapper around Chisel from

* Install Linux from a running Windows system, without need for a live USB.


* Double free RCE in VLC

* 10-Strike Bandwidth Monitor version 3.9 ROP VirtualAlloc buffer overflow exploit with SEH, DEP, and ASLR.

* CVE-2020-13777: TLS 1.3 session resumption works without master key, allowing MITM

* Vulnerability checker for Callstranger (CVE-2020-12695)

* CallStranger CVE-2020-12695

* Legacy LVFS S3 bucket takeover and CVE-2020-10759 fwupd signature verification bypass

* CVE-2020-0796 Remote Code Execution POC

* CVE-2020-1206 Uninitialized Kernel Memory Read POC

* Diving into the SMBLost vulnerability (CVE-2020-1301)

* SMBleedingGhost Writeup: Chaining SMBleed (CVE-2020-1206) with SMBGhost

* SharpSploit v1.6 Updates

* RIDL test suite and exploits

* CVE-2020-12405

* A survey of recent iOS kernel exploits

* CVE-2020-10749 PoC (Kubernetes MitM attacks via IPv6 rogue router advertisements)

* CVE-2020-1225

* CVE-2020-1226

* Analysis of CVE 2020 7350


* Embedding executable files in PDF Documents

* GuLoader? No, CloudEyE.

* Partial rewrite of @Flangvik NetLoader. Supports proxy with authentication, XOR encrypted binaries, multiple arguments passing to binary.

* Extract AutoIt scripts embedded in PE binaries

* DLL Generator for side loading attack

* ntlm_theft: A file payload generator for forced ntlm hash disclosure
A tool for generating multiple types of NTLMv2 hash theft files

* BetterSafetyKatz

* Web Based Command Control Framework (C2)

* Windows RAT (Remote Administration Tool) with a multiplatform RESTful C2 server

* [CVE49] Microsoft Windows LNK Remote Code Execution Vulnerability - CVE-2020-1299

* Android Crypter/Decrypter source code for researchers

* Kernel Driver for intercepting key strokes.


* REvil’s Lessons: It’s Time Law Firms Quit Taking Cybersecurity for Granted

* TA410: The Group Behind LookBack Attacks Against U.S. Utilities Sector Returns with New Malware


* Папка 600гб где-то с утечками, обновляется

* Get ports,vulnerabilities,informations,banners,..etc for any IP with Shodan (no apikey! no rate-limit!)

Contact: xmpp(жаба_ёпт)


Our private (no logs) xmpp server: (for add, write to

Хорошо там где нас нет (с) Русские хакеры
Добре там де нас немає (с) Російські хакери


* 5G Evolution and 6G - white paper describes NTT DOCOMO’s current technical prospects for 5G evolution and 6G (

* 5G Cyber Security - research identifies a range of measures to manage risk to 5G networks (

* Never Ending Story: Authentication and Access Control Design Flaws in Shared IoT Devices - paper seeks to better understand IoT device security by examining the design of authentication and access control schemes (

* Хакер №253 - журнал компьютерных хулиганов (

* Learn Coding: C++ & Python - crystal clear guides to help you discover coding (

* Криминалистика - учебное пособьие для студентов юридического факультета (

* Offensive WMI - Infrastructure for management data and operations on Windows-based operating systems used for offensive purpose (

* How to Spot the Blue Team - How to use a Red Team’s infrastructure to detect a Blue Team’s analysis (

* Thinkig in Pandas - how to use the python data analysis library the rigth way (

* Official Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer Study Guide - The Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer exam tests your ability to design, deploy, monitor, and adapt services and infrastructure for data-driven decision-making (

* MEDJACK.2 Hospitals Under Siege - In the first report we described how Medical devices have become a key pivot point for attackers within healthcare networks (

* Encyclopedia of Cyber Warfare - This volume seeks to provide some clarity about the history and current capabilities of the cyber domain (

* MEDJACK.4 - A Functional Overview - This is the anatomy of a generic medical device hijack attack (MEDJACK) (

* ANATOMY OF AN ATTACK: The Internet of Things (IoT) - the results of research into current or potential critical information security issues (

* Cyber Dragon - Inside China's Information Warfare and Cyber Operations (

* Creating an Active Defense PowerShell Framework to Improve Security Hygiene and Posture - paper explores the viability of creating an Active Defense PowerShell framework for small to medium-sized organizations to improve security hygiene and posture (

* ANATOMY OF AN ATTACK Industrial Control Systems Under Siege - report will explain how the industrial attacks happen (

* Understanding Cyber Warfare - textbook offers an accessible introduction to the historical, technical, and strategic context of cyber conflict (

* How to Define and Build an Effective Cyber Threat Intelligence Capability - (

* Cyber Threat! - How to Manage the Growing Risk of Cyber Attacks (

* Cyber Threat Intelligence for the Internet of Things - the book initially provides a comprehensive classification of state-of-the-art surveys,which address various dimensions of the IoT paradigm (

* Технологии управления в информационных войнах - в монографии представлен анализ эволюции технологий управления в информационных войнах в контексте развития научной рациональности (

* Занимательная кибернетика - о кибернетике, роботах, теории игр, устройстве электронно-вычислительных машин, биоэлектрических системах упраления (

-------:::::::[Перевод OWASP]:::::::-------

4.0 Введение в курс и задачи пентестера

4.1.1 Сбор информации с помощью поисковых систем

4.1.2 Определение веб-сервера

4.1.3 Исследование метафайлов веб-сервера на предмет утечки информации

4.1.4 Определение веб-приложений на сервере

4.1.5 Поиск утечек информации в комментариях и метаданных


Донат для поддержания канала (:channel donations:)





Yandex wallet


Master card



Логи со стиллеров постоянно пополняются от 300$



1) CobaltStrike 4.0 with ArtefactKit+ResourseKit 3.14 with our CobaltStrike 3.14 == 1k

2) Core Impact 19.1 (with April update) + 3rd party Core tools = 5k
and many outher private soft

3) Защищенный ноутбук:
Устройство позволяющее безопасно работать с клиент банком и не бояться
кражи денег со счета взлома личной переписки или незаконного изъятия
техники Не подвержен заражению компьютерными вирусами полностью
закрывает несанкционированный доступ к почте документам микрофону и веб
камере компьютера Делает невозможным извлечение документов и
восстановление других служебных данных вследствие захвата или изъятия = 3k

4) FIN APT software(08.06.2020)

01 CobaltStrike 4.0 with ArtefactKit+ResourseKit 3.14 with our CobaltStrike 3.14 (lic patch)

02 Nessus 8.9.1 + (patch with updates)

03 checkmarx + (patch)

04 metasploit pro  (Latest) + (patch)

05 core impact 19.1+ (licence, no online updates, last update April 2020)

06 acunetix 13.0.200519155 + (patch with update)

07 netsparker 5.7, 5.8  + (patch)

08 HP webinspector 20.1(win 10+) + (patch)

09 proxifier 3.42 + (serial)

10 IBM Appscan + (patch)

11 Rapid7 AppSpider + (patch)

Price: 10k$ btc

5) Flipper Zero — Tamagotchi for Hacker. Fully opensource and customizable device for pentesters and geeks in Tamagotchi body It has built-in 315/433/866MHz transceiver to control and sniff stuff like garage door, car alarams, etc. 125kHz and iButton module to read/write and emulate proximity cards. Infrared transceiver to control any TV’s. Also compatible with Arduino IDE and PlatformIO so you can write your own firmware extentions.

6) Запущен джабер сервер!!!

В данный момент во избежания набега скамеров, регистрация в ручную по запросу писать
Данный сервис будет интегрирован с различными торговыми площадками.
Сделки строго через систему гарантов: (платная услуга) (бесплатная услуга)


Очень нужно лечение от жадности для любого из списка:

Сетевое железо Brocade FabricOS под свичи silkworm 300 (и под любые поделия brocade)
Сетевое железо Brocade SLX, MLXe
Сетевое железо Cisco IOS * (особенно по ISR 4xxx серий, ASR )
Сетевое железо Cisco Nexus NX-OS * ( очень актуально NXOS 7 для n3k-c3064pq )
Сетевое железо Cisco MDS (NX-OS 6.2) выделены производителем в отдельное семейство
Сетевое железо Eltex SMG1016/1016M/2016
Сетевое железо Eltex SMG2/SMG4
Сетевое железо Eltex ESR-series
Сетевое железо Huawei AR-series (особенно на подключение точек доступа)
Сетевое железо Huawei CE-S6330 (CE-S6xxx -series)
Сетевое железо Huawei NE-series
Сетевое железо Juniper SRX (SRX2xx, SRX3xx, and DC series)
Сетевое железо Juniper MX (80,204,240-960,10003(10k3),104,150)
Сетевое железо Juniper EX (2200,2300,3200,3300,4200,4300,4500,4550)
Сетевое железо Juniper QFX (5000,5100, 5110)

Special request Juniper vMX Amazon perpetual license (некоторое время лицензия раздавалась в AWS, потом пофиксили)
Special request Juniper vSRX
Special request Huawei AP replace cloud firmware to standalone or controller

СХД NetApp FAS (OnTap)
СХД IBM любые
СХД Huawei (особенно Dorado)
СХД Hitachi VNX любые
СХД HP Eva p4300,p4400
СХД 3Par любые
СХД Nec все
СХЖ Fujitsu все

скромный (и одновременно охуевший) вишлист. Почему ко всему этому дерьму нужны таблетки? Потому что к БУ железу лицензии стоят дороже чем я могу себе позволить (не готов работать полгода ради лицензии на снятую с производства СХД) и при этом не жрать.

Также разыскивается: HP Foritify