June 7, 2021

Know the basic rules of floral design to master the art of floral arrangement

Flowers are the ethereal beauty which is timeless and classic to be part of our home decor since ages. Flowers add value to our life, to our environment and accentuate the walls and furniture of a room to take the basic ambience up a notch to adorn with an aesthetic appearance. One may add up as many artificial showpieces and home decor items as possible to decorate the house but nothing can match the beauty and class of flowers. The mere presence of a few fresh flowers is enough to spread radiance, positivity and beauty around. That is why it has been used not only in-home decor but in offices, hotels, restaurants for the same purpose to provide an aesthetically pleasing ambience which will draw the attention of onlookers.

But having said that, now the question is how to arrange the flowers. Is it simply to pluck it from the garden and keep it in a vase or does it need some work to do? Till now not many must be aware of it and simply just putting the flowers and foliage into the vase but it is not right to just put any type of flower in any vase without matching its proportion and various other factors which we are to talk about in this blog. There are certain rules of arranging flowers. It is an art which one must know to make an attractive and professional looking floral arrangement. Let your creativity come to the fore and learn the fascinating way of arranging flowers.

Why is knowing the rules of floral arrangement necessary?

One may ask what is the importance of it knowing all is it and following all the process when we can simply put the flowers in the vase? A simple answer lies here is that it is a matter of taste, whether you want to randomly and messily put the flowers or you would like to have a professionally arranged floral design which would look stunning and attractive. Know the florist's way of working and bring out your inner florist to provide a charming touch to your room. It is not something in order to learn you need to read pages after pages but a simple read of a blog will have you grasp the whole concept and after applying it once or twice you will master the art of floral design.

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The basic rules of floral arrangement

Balance, colour, texture, proportion, rhythm and harmony consists of the basic rules by following which one may create a number of different and professional floral designs. Let's try to understand each of these elaborately.


It is all about balancing, in each sector of life balance is needed so is in the arrangement of flowers. It should be precisely looked that the flowers and the foliage are equally distributed on both sides of the arrangement. If one side seems to have too many flowers than the other side, it needs to be balanced out. For the tall and heavy floral sticks a correct vase should be picked. If taken in a small vase and the arrangement is too big, it will lead to falling off the whole thing. The height of the floral arrangement should always be 1 and 1/2 times than the vase.


Each colour has significant meaning to it. Knowing which colour symbolises what would help you in choosing the right combination according to your environment. Also look for what colour combination you have in your room and go for contrasting colours. Red colour symbolises love, yellow is associated with spreading cheerfulness and joy, pink is a feminine colour which depicts grace and gentleness, orange is for adding exciting touch and white symbolises peace and calmness.


After balance and colour, knowing the texture of flowers, foliage and whatever the other things that are to put in your arrangement is important. The texture of flowers is different from that of the foliage. Choosing the right texture helps in arranging the floral design according to the requirement and providing an interesting touch to it. For example- if choosing flowers of the same colour, use flowers of different texture and same goes for foliage. The arrangement will look more professional.


Proportion is again another very important rule must be considered while decorating the floral design in the room and within the vase. The flowers, the vase and the place where it will be kept should all be in proportion to each other. While dealing with small size flowers and floral arrangement, the vase should be in proportion to it and it shouldn't be too big else the charm will be all gone. Similarly, for long stemmed flowers a large vase, and if the flower is as big as a sunflower then a large circular vase is needed. If the room is big, you need a big floral arrangement.


Rhythm is the very interesting rule of floral arrangement. It is the concept which makes the design a lot more interesting. Rhythm is the flow in which the eye roams around in the arrangement from the centre point to the edges and the back and back to the centre. This is achieved by placing the flowers in different levels and by creating a 3D structure. If the arrangement will be plain and all the flowers will be arranged in the same line, there won't be anything which would hold the attention of the onlooker.


Harmony as the term depicts is the combination of flowers, foliage, the vase, the occasion and the surrounding when fits together perfectly, that creates the harmony of the floral design. The floral arrangement should blend well with the background of where it is placed, the flowers, foliage and other materials that are used should blend well with each other and the whole arrangement should fit well within the vase. All these would complement each other and complete the entire aesthetically pleasing look of the floral arrangement and would look like done by some professional.