September 4, 2019

What kinds of appearance defects are found in screw fasteners?

We will find some screws fasteners appearance are not good when we use, some will have a crack. What kinds of appearance defects are found in screw fasteners?

  • Crack

Cracks are usually caused by high stresses in the metal during forging or other molding processes or during heat treatment.

  • Striations of raw materials

The striation of the raw materials is a thin straight or smooth curve which usually extend longitudinally along the screw thread, polished rod or head. Usually an inherent defect in the raw materials used to make fasteners.

  • Dent

A dent is a shallow pit or hollow that appears on the surface of the screw.

  • Wrinkles

Wrinkle is a fold of metal that appears on the surface of the fasteners during the forging process. During the first impact of forging, the material displacements due to insufficient volume and different shapes, resulting in wrinkles.

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  • Cut mark

Cut mark is a shallow groove in longitudinally or circumference. It is caused by the movement of the tool beyond the surface of the screw.

  • Damage

A nick on any surface of a screw. It is affected by the outside world during the screw manufacturing and transportation process.

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