November 26, 2020

Indian Ex-Serviceman Retirement Vacancies and Concession

Indian laws define an ex-serviceman as an individual who has been part of the Indian military, Navy, and Air Force. They include people who got retired from the service after getting their pension; those who are no longer part of the military or navy because of their medical condition or disability that they developed during their service. Anyone who has been released from the military, Air Force, and Navy after serving a specific period will be counted as the ex-serviceman.

Indian army members are supposed to work for at least 15 years before they apply for retirement. Individuals who are retired from the military can be as young as 35 years old. It goes without saying that after getting retired, they will need a government job. That’s when the ex-service quota comes into the picture. They get government jobs in many areas, including but not limited to, the railway, banks, and PSU. Many vacancies in the Indian railway, banks, public sector undertakings, and other sectors are reserved for the ex-serviceman. CSD car price

The Vacancies Indian Ex-serviceman Receive after Retirement

People involved in the military, navy and Air Force will get a fixed pension after their retirement. They also get the vacancies in different government-job sectors that make it easier for the ex-serviceman to get settled after serving in the Indian army. Not only do they get job opportunities after retirement, but military people are allowed several concessions on the flights, hospital fees, train tickets, and more. For example, the Indian airlines offer them up to 50% of the concession of flight tickets.

They can book the flight using the Udchalo website. It offers them a list of the lights available for the particular destination on the given date. Another major financial benefit the military personnel in India receive is discounts on canteens. The canteen store department that is associated with the ministry of defense provides the armed forces with products at discounted and cheap prices. Even though the discount rate has reduced because of taxes and inflation, it is still available for army personnel. The best example is the 10% discount on sports utility vehicle that is available for the ex-serviceman. That means you could buy these vehicles at a 10% lower price than the market value. CSD bike price list

Buy the Best Vehicle at an Affordable Price through CSD Canteens

Mostly, ex-servicemen buy household products, electronic appliances, and even two-wheelers through CSD canteen. There is no denying that CSD canteen allows ex-servicemen to buy an extensive range of products at an affordable price. You could check the latest CSD bike price list to find high-quality two-wheelers at economical rates. The vehicles you buy through CSD canteen are available at a negotiated price. However, only the ex-servicemen are allowed to purchase household products and other appliances through CSD canteens. People who are retired from the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, and navy will also qualify for the regular bonuses and discount offers that are available on special occasions.

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