15 Best Mobile Apps to Use in Medellín

We have curated the great cellular apps such as https://apps.apple.com/us/app/olive-video-chat-dating-app/id1469507454 for visiting to and residing in Medellín and help you navigate across the city.

In the past week I have used these apps to message my buddies, call my own family within the U.S. For free, order taxis, order food from restaurants, discover a relatively rated eating place nearby, look up some phrases for their Spanish translation, and help a taxi driving force navigate around a few bad traffic.

However, be cautious whilst you use your smartphone to Medellín. You may want to show off information usage at instances as you may enjoy a few hefty information utilization and roaming charges. You can set you smartphone to Wi-Fi best. Note the above photo is by means of Conceptsource.


1. WhatsApp Messenger – Android – iPhone – Free

This is a great messaging app that has taken over SMS texting in Colombia. It additionally allows for calls and institution chats and sending photos. And you don’t want to have a Colombian phone number to use it.
Pretty much every body with a telephone in Colombia has this app. There is no cost to message and you may stay in touch with your friends and own family faster than with emails.

2. Facebook – Android – iPhone – Free

Facebook is any other app that maximum Colombians with smartphones in Colombia have. With this app you can see what buddies are up to and share images, updates and videos. Also Medellín Living is on Facebook so that you can see our updates.

3. Skype – Android – iPhone – Free

With Skype you can ship messages, make voice calls or video calls – considering free, no matter what tool they use Skype on. So that is what you may use to preserve in touch with circle of relatives and buddies back domestic without long distance charges.

Skype to Skype calls are free. You also can call cellular phones and landlines at low rates.

City Guides

4. TripAdvisor – Android – iPhone – Free

This is the catchall cellular app on the subject of travel. You can discover limitless opinions of loads of hotels, restaurants and things to do in Medellín. You also can use TripAdvisor’s Near Me function to locate well-reviewed places near by using.

I use this app frequently while searching out a new restaurant to attempt out in the city.

5. Medellín Guide by way of Medellín Living – iPhone – Free

Of course you’re going to need to have the Medellín Guide on your smartphone! We’ve covered over 200 places in the Medellín place in this app with pictures and outlines and maps.

You already find what you need at the website, now you may have the site for your pocket as well. Unfortunately this app is currently handiest to be had for the iPhone.

Ground Transportation

6. Uber – Android – iPhone – Free

We’ve included Uber before; it’s a notable service. It’s linked to your credit card and hasn’t had many troubles in Medellín. Uber released in Medellín in January 2015 and it quick became famous in the city, in particular with expats.

7. EasyTaxi – Android – iPhone – Free

This cellular app can be used to request taxis in 20 cities in Colombia, together with Medellín. It changed into originally launched in Brazil and may now be used in 30 countries which includes 11 other nations in Latin America.

With this app you may e book and tune your taxi in real time and it will offer information about the motive force name and license plate of the taxi.

8. Tappsi – Android – iPhone – Free

This is a Colombia-primarily based mobile app competitor to EasyTaxi that in reality merged with EasyTaxi to compete with Uber. But Tappsi still operates separately.

The app is similar to EasyTaxi and you may e-book and tune your taxi in actual time and it also provides info about the driving force call and license plate. I use each EasyTaxi and Tappsi as you in no way understand when one app won’t have a taxi readily available – particularly in less served areas of the city.

9. Metro de Medellín – Android – iPhone – Free

This is an app much more likely to be used by way of someone new to the city. It consists of a map of Medellín’s metro machine as well as the present day fare structure. Once you have got used the metro for some time you probably won’t need this app anymore.


10. Google Maps – Android – iPhone – Free

Google Maps is often seemed as certainly one of the excellent navigation cell apps around. It’s been the navigation king for a while now. It’s pretty reliable in my revel in. And it’s beneficial to should assist with directions within the city, as many taxi drivers in Medellín won’t have a GPS.

11. Waze – Android – iPhone – Free

This is a slick navigation map app that I have started the usage of greater than Google Maps. This app has a map with real-time color-coded traffic that is usually extra correct than Google Maps. This is due to Waze reportedly having a much bigger network of drivers.

I now every so often use this app to direct a taxi driver to an alternate path to avoid site visitors areas. It’s additionally normally quite correct for calculating travel instances.


12. Google Translate – Android – iPhone – Free

This app has come to be one in all the maximum popular apps to apply at the same time as in Colombia or different nations abroad. It supports 103 languages on-line and you may download some languages like Spanish to use offline. It also has an immediate digicam translation to translate text in images.

13. Microsoft Translator – Android – iPhone – Free

This app allows you to translate text or speech, have translated conversations, or even down load languages to use offline. It’s a feasible alternative to Google Translate with a lot of the identical features.

Some expats I actually have met select Microsoft Translator. I use each as I actually have found some things translate higher in one or the other.