September 26, 2019

How To Use Free Amazon Gift Card Codes To Desire.

Amazon will now offer 10 applications and games for free exclusively for Android, Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire. As part of the “Free Application of the Day” program, the Amazon Apps Store presents a compilation of the most successful applications among customers since its arrival a year ago: games, keyboards (Swiftkey!) An opportunity that you should not miss.

Amazon offers customers a series of paid applications for free on today. Applications are available today so customers can enjoy them through their Android phones and tablets, as well as their own Kindle devices. Applications purchased from the Amazon Apps Store can be used on Android devices, allowing customers to buy an application or game once, and enjoy it anywhere.

The ten applications have an approximate total cost of more than € 26, and will only be available for free during this day .These are the apps:

Amazon appsWorld of Goo - Goo Balls are curious to explore and don't know they have unique abilities. Know them in World of Goo and you can build all kinds of multi-colored shapes. From structures and bridges to giant languages. In your adventure, you can discover new levels and species of Balls that will make this game the fun guaranteed.

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SwiftKey - Essential! We have already spoken several times of this magnificent keyboard one of the best selling keyboard applications, allows you to write on the screen in a faster, simple and personalized way, using the self-correction of the words and getting very precise phrases. Predict the writing of the next word in 60 different languages ​​and learn how it is used for the next time. Without doubt, one of the most successful applications among the Android community

Jamie's 20 Minute Meals - The popular British chef Jamie Oliver presents, through this application, a selection of 55 recipes that can be prepared in less than 20 minutes and without any complications. Jamie Oliver's 20 Minute Meals, is a true digital cookbook that explains step by step, with photographs or videos any type of recipe.

Angry Birds (Ad-Free) - The energetic little red bird faces in this new update of Angry Birds to waves of evil pigs. To defend itself, Red Bird has magical feathers that will give him enough powers to fly at a speed of vertigo and face the irritating little pigs. 15 new levels and 72 pig inventions full of action and fun.

Shazam Encore - One of the most favorite apps to recognize any song that is playing. Here you will find more information about her

CalenGoo - Interesting calendar with several functions, such as dragging events to copy them to other dates.

PAC-MAN HD - The well-known game of "comecocos" , in high quality. This version is especially suitable for tablets .

Amazonj-app-drawingDrawing pad - A mobile art studio for all ages. This application allows you to create your own works of art with realistic photos of crayons, markers, brushes, colored pencils, stickers, pens and much more.

Sprinkle - A nice puzzle game in which we will have to use the laws of physics to get the water in our hose to extinguish fires, spin wheels, overcome obstacles, etc.

Paper Camera - One of the most famous photography application, and which we already talked about

In addition to these, and until next Saturday 31, the Amazon Apps Store for Android will also offer 11 payment applications Pocoyo for free on