May 24, 2021

Art revolution. Your chance to build a cryptocity

Hello, good morning! Have you ever dreamed of a city of your own? As for me, I had dreams of a city full of arts, without governments and fiat currencies. And the city of Freedrinsk appeared in my life and became its meaning.

For more than two years i'm engaged in developing Freedrinsk city and in media coverage of some events which take place there. But here's a problem: i'm just a news agent and artist, and Freedrinsk now is so huge that it does not fit into my mind anymore. If you had only seen those streets and boulevards, citizens and characters, outlandish structures and funky skulptures...

Suddenly i realized that now is the moment. Freedrinsk needs publicity, support and investments. Why? This will allow Freedrinsk city, along with its infrastructure and inhabitands-Deetches, to join the blockchain! Just imagine, together we can change the cource of history for the whole city. And further I will tell you, what the plan is exactly.


Freedrinsk, as a developing cryptocity of arts, is filled with various objects that are in search of their place in the blockchain.

Arts of Freedrinsk and investments

My agency, Freedrinsk Clinical Rave, has been publishing artistic stories from the city of Fridrinsk for over two years. At the moment, 16 reports are available to the general public on Youtube, some of them were also presented on different festivals. Here's the link to a playlist of our reports, and new reports are in development:

repeat please (2019)

Each reportage is a conceptual video art with its own story and context. It is this fact that makes it possible for my works to become valuable non-fungible tokens, in other words, assets that have artistic and historical value (and, of course, price). Even if Freedrinsk Development Plan will not be fully realized, you will not be at a loss. You will own a piece of history of a very ambitious project that continues to develop in one way or another. Purchase of each artwork can be viewed from two perspectives. On the one hand, as I said earlier, this is an investment in the cryptocity of Freedrinsk, and on the other, a huge input in independent visual art and support of ones. Have a look at Freedrinsk city collection here

garbage sorting (2021)

My plan is simple: I sell reports as NFTs, and I use income to develop the city, create new tokens, that is, connect parts of the city to the blockchain. Thus, it will be possible to monitor the development of Fridrinsk in real time. As a result, the whole city will join the blockchain and become the first modular NFT-cryptocity. And you, as an investor, will be able to own a part of the city or even a district(s).

Development Plan

The fisrst goal is to give everyone an opportunity to walk the streets of Freedrinsk and to see its scale. For it, I need to carry out things written below.

Then I will start attracting even more investment to the city in order to:

1. create art collections of painted citizens and Deetches together with the best artists;

2. release an album of folk music from the suburbs of Freedrinsk city;

3. develop an animation studio in Freedrinsk.

(and many more exciting stuff!)

Perhaps, the investment and development plan will result in the fact that one day you will be one of the first to move to the physical cryptocity of Freedrinsk? Who knows! One thing is clear - you can take part in the development of an entire city and its connection to the blockchain.


I am the only one honest citizen of Freedrinsk. With this in mind, I offer you pleasant bonuses for trusting me and purchasing my NFT-reports.

she needs help (2020)

Everyone who supports Freedrinsk will receive a detailed report on the use of their investments. This will foster greater transparency and trust between the city and its collectors and investors.

Are you still in doubt? Choose a report you like, write me about it, and become the most leading investor of Fridrinsk city.

Here is the Opensea collection, with Freedrinsk city arts, which are availible for purchase right now:

news and more info in a twitter of Freedrinsk Clinical Rave. you may also contact me in Direct Messages

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