April 16, 2019

Coins v.2 Faker

So let's get started.

The manual is designed for less experienced scammers to refresh the memory, so to speak.

The manual is divided into several parts



The most current ways to scam at the moment - help and promo

Both methods are designed for scam assets, there is no reason to lie passively on coins, since, firstly, it is expensive, and secondly, it is not relevant.


Let's start. In total, there are 2 topical at the moment public way of scam coin, let's start with the first - help

1.It happens that when adding as a friend, the victim asks why you added it.

There is only one always working answer to this question - “you and I recently played “

If the first word is ours, we begin the dialogue.

The dialogue usually begins with the words "Hi, are you there?/Sup, u here?"

Be sure to ask the person any question so that the victim does not feel the catch.

Are you ignored? We write a question mark. Did not help? We throw dude in ignore.

Or, you answered. - OK. We continue the conversation.

The second message, we ask the victim, is he busy "Do not distract/r u busy?"

After this message, in any case, we ask for help, if a person is not gone through, then he will definitely be distracted.

In no case do not say anything about the site, etc., otherwise it will cause suspicion. We write something like "Dude, can u withdraw my 2 knifes pls? Its fast"

It is desirable to divide each message into several parts, because it morally crushes and does not allow the victim to concentrate.

So, this message can cause 2 reactions.

Either aggressive, which means that a person cuts a piece, or it will interest him very much.

In the first case, you can simply send and throw in the ignore - it is morally easier for you, and the last word is yours.

In the second - we continue our work, if you are interested in the victim - 50% of the work is done.

Consider the second option. In most cases, the victim asks how to do this, which is what you need to explain.

The answer is:"Look, i send you my moneys on roulette, and u withdraw 2 knife for me and any skin for u, if u want"

It is imperative to mention that the victim will receive something for help — plus you, I think I don’t need to explain why.

If this sacrifice is not scared away, and she agreed - boldly throw off her link to the site and ask her to write something to the chat (in order to write to the chat she must log in)

"Dude, send anything message in chat and i send you moneys."

See the chat message? After this, you can safely turn the balance of the victim into the admin panel before copying it to the stimimi in the logs.

We make a deposit to the victim in the amount of ~ 50-75% of the inventory value (for expensive items)

You can change it, just look at the photos in the downloaded manual.

Never put a minimum deposit equal to the value of the victim's inventory. The maximum deposit should be equal to 75% of the price of the inventory.

So the victim came in, got the money. Then we say there is a go to the output page/withdraw.

And we say the skins that you need, given its balance. But always choose skins so that he will have to surrender at least 30$.

This is his share of "for help"

He chose these skins, clicked the output button, but this is not a task, he got an error window asking for a deposit in the amount you previously specified or by the system

Seeing this, he will write about it to you, to which you will answer him," I didn't have one like this !!!"

And then you need to start crushing the victim.

For a start, we warm up the victim, tell her what you see now, maybe you have enough to deposit"oh, dude, wait, mb i have skins for deposit, lemme check"

Wait 3 minutes, write to him "oh.. i dont have"

Next is a matter of fantasy. Personally, I ask you to check the victim, maybe she has enough."Dude, check please, mb u have skins for(here the specified amount of the deposit)"

If he writes that no, say"Wait pls" pull 2 minutes.

Then write"dude, dont lie pls.., u have"

There already otmazatsya not work. Things are easy, it remains just to persuade to make a deposit. Everything here is not as difficult as it seems, with experience will come. You start just terribly hammering his brain, persuading him to make this treasured deposit.

In the end, the victim will throw his gear, what you see under your avatar (the amount of payment will appear)

2.I would also like to add. Do not be afraid to write lvl more than 20, do not be afraid to steal more than $ 50. Guys, if you really want to make money on a scam - climb on good inventories, do not waste time, and withdrawal of a deposit will help you with this :)