September 19, 2019

Topical Applicators Market Poised to Expand at a Robust Pace Over 2019-2029

Global Topical Applicators Market: An Overview

Topical applicators are used for topical medications that are applied on body surfaces such as skin to treat ailments using creams, gels, foams, lotions and ointments. Topical applicators allows cream or gel application without hand contact. Topical applicators could be metered or swab type. The metered topical applicators ensures metered dosage for optimum provider efficiency and patient ease of use. Metered topical applicators are needed to be clicked for required amount of product to be dispensed. Metered topical applicators are available with a maximum usable volume of 42 ml and above. The topical applicators have multiple holes for reliable priming. Swab topical applicators are best for single use purposes. Foam swabs do not leave lint like cotton swabs. A refill reminder system for metered topical applicators helps patients to reorder in an organized manner. Medications of different formulations, bases and batches have differences and need calibration. Topical applicators are an ideal choice for topical treatments as they offer minimal medication waste while mixing, filling and dispensing. The visible recorder line on the topical applicator dispenses the right amount of medication. The open, screw free chamber allows consumers for easy filling. The cover lock on the topical applicators secures against any kind of accidental spills. The consumer preference for hand free topical treatments is anticipated to drive the market for topical applicators during the forecast period.

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Global Topical Applicators Market: Dynamics

Topical applicators are used for the application of ointments, gels, creams, masks, peels, skin protectants, disinfectants and pharmaceuticals. As more and more topical medications are evolving, the demand for topical applicators is expected to increase. The major factor driving the growth for topical applicators is the elimination of hand contact with the medication. Moreover, the correct amount of medication dispensing from the topical applicators is another factor driving the global topical applicators market during the forecast period. Topical applicators witness high demand in the skin treatment sector, especially for psoriasis. Topical applicators are highly used for dermal therapies. Large number of medications related to skin are topical and require topical applicators for safe application. Metered topical applicators ensures the application of right amount of ointment on the body surface. With just one click the topical applicators can dispense the desired amount of medication and is user friendly. Topical applicators are very reliable as the automated consistent dose reduces user-variability and provides viscosity assurance. Topical applicators offers precision with design that minimizes the wastage of medication during mixing and filling of the product.

Global Topical Applicators Market: Geographical Overview

Pharmaceutical market in countries such as the U.S. and Germany are quite developed markets owing to the growing population and increasing skin infections and diseases. The rise in the disposable income of the middle class population indirectly drives the growth for topical applicators market. Increase in the number of topical treatments special for skin drives the market for topical applicators during the forecast period. Developing pharmaceutical industry in countries like China and India is expected to propel the topical applicators market during the forecast period. Europe topical applicators market is matured as compared to other regions such as Asia and MEA. Moreover, the GCC countries and North Africa are anticipated to witness a medium to high growth in the topical applicators market during the forecast period.

Global Topical Applicators Market: Key Manufacturers

  • Simcro
  • Uno Dose
  • Fagron Inc.
  • Super Brush LLC
  • DoseLogix
  • SpecializedRx Products, LLC

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Many local and unorganized market players are expected to contribute to the global topical applicators market during the forecast period.