Wide marble selection for your bathroom area

We have the most beautiful marble for your bathroom. Come and see our wide selection for wet areas

Marble provides a warm atmosphere in your bathroom. Beige or light gray marble tiles on the floor or on your walls give a warm and chic feeling. However, the combination of black and white natural stone is also very stylish. Whatever color combination you choose, marble is and remains the most beautiful. Not only for your bathroom but for every room in the house. Come and visit us without any obligation to view our Rajasthani handicrafts online.

Marble is a beautiful natural stone and formed from limestone. It has been used for centuries to make sculptures, decorative floors, and walls. Characteristics of marble are attractive hues and veins. This natural stone mainly comes in the colors white and gray but is also available in brown, red and pink. They provide more depth and have a sophisticated, almost mysterious appearance.

Choose the most beautiful marble for your bathroom

We supply marble to various companies, such as contractors, architects, design agencies and construction companies. Individuals can come to us too, for example, choose marble for the new bathroom and order through their contractor. The big advantage is that you buy exactly what you like. We are an experienced marble supplier and can usually supply materials from stock. Get marble god statues for your house.

Marble has many advantages and is especially suitable for indoor use. Marble is at its best in a bathroom. This natural stone is durable and will last more than a lifetime. The surface of the marble is slightly porous and moisture can penetrate into the marble. Polishing makes the surface denser.

Natural marble stone is ideal for indoors

Marble for your bathroom makes this space unique. Because marble is natural stone that is extracted, no marble slab is identical. Even within the same marble layer, there are sometimes differences. Many people opt for marble tiles on the floor, but did you know that you also get a very special effect if you have a part placed on the wall? It is quite possible to do this with many types of marble. You could even choose to have the pattern in which the tiles are laid continue on the wall.

We import natural stone from practically every European country, but also from Asia and South America and with that we can meet almost every wish. Volakas marble from Greece, Hardstone from Vietnam or what about Arabescato Orobico from Italy? All of them unique natural stones with a very warm appearance. Suitable for all wet areas and therefore also for your new bathroom! You can visit our wholesaler for inspiration or to view the photos of completed projects on our site. This is how your bathroom will look. Whatever you choose, marble brings heat inside.

Whatever you are looking for in the area of ​​(Belgian) hard stone, granite, limestone, quartzite, slate, marble, travertine, basalt or other types of natural stone, we can deliver it. With a range of more than 100 different types of stone, it is virtually impossible not to succeed with us. The choice of color is also very large. White, red, green, gray, black, brown, blue, beige or anthracite? Let us know what your wishes are and we will take care of it. We are centrally located in the province of Utrecht, not far from Noord-Holland, and below you will find a brief summary of where a number of our satisfied customers come from, but do not forget that we can deliver throughout the Netherlands.