November 21, 2019

Get The Complete List Of Online 13 Card Indian Rummy Rules pdf

Auto Drop
It's used to a player do not pick any card and extra time is over, the players hand will be automatically dropped.

Auto Play
One card from closed deck will be picked and discarded to open deck automatically

Correct Show
Groups of pure or impure sequence or sets.

To start playing a Round, the cards have to be given to all the players is termed as Dealing.

The complete set of cards consisting of suits and jokers cards. Total number of 52 cards + 2 joker

Get rid of cards from the hand or deck pile

Internet Disconnection or Idle condition during game play.

Pick a card from the deck

Its an option when player wants to discontinue a certain round(s) with certain penalty.
Initial Drop- 20 points
Middle Drop- 40 points

Full Count
80 is the maximum possible score for 1 round

It can be used to group three or more cards of hand. Cards grouped in SET or SEQUENCE can be favorable to the players in cases of disconnection, auto play and/or for game reviews.

Impure Sequence
With Joker cards called Impure Sequence.

Joker in a deck of cards can be identified with a symbol of joker printed on it. It can be used to replace or substitute any playing card.

Leave Table
It’s an option can be used When players want to leave during the game play with the penalty of middle drop.

Players Count
2 to six players can be participating in a game

Pure Sequence
Without a Joker is called a Pure Sequence.

Online Rummy is one of the most popular card games in India. It consists of 52 cards K Q J 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 A differs by suit types with printed jokers. According to the Indian Supreme Court, Rummy is considered as a skill based one, it's not a game of chance and online rummy game is absolutely legal to play.

A group of 3, 4 or more cards with the same value or different Suits. Highest card by

Mixing the cards well before dealing the game. The shuffling is done by a certified Random Number Generator (RNG)

There are four suits in a deck of cards represents clubs is lowest , followed by diamonds, hearts, and spades is highest. Each suit has high card Ace; three face cards, King, Queen and Jack; pip cards 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and 2 printed joker cards.

A Table is where a Game of online rummy is played. Every rummy table can sit two to six players for each game. Many websites providing an option to change the background of the game table.

Validation Rules
To make a successful show, a player must have at least pure sequence and sequence with/without jokers.

Wild Card
Wild Card is randomly selected from the deck at the beginning of rummy game. acts as a substitute for the regular suit cards.

Winner Points
Winner of the round is awarded sum of all losing players points, in result table equivalent real chips value will be shown.

Wrong Show
Finishes the round does not contain valid sequence or sets. It will be calculated with 80 points

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