July 31, 2020

Top Schools In Gurgoan | Admission, Fees, Facitilites |2020

School is a place where a child transforms himself or herself. It is important to select the school carefully because it decides the future of the child. But in today’s condition it is not possible to go out and check out the schools. It is not possible to travel in a city then how one can travel to other state and checkout other good schools. There are many best schools in gurgaon but there is a school named GD Goenka Signature School, which comes under one of the top schools in gurgaon. This school has all the features which make a school one of the best.


One of the most important factors while doing an admission is the fees structure, how much is going to be the exact amount for the admission. Charges may vary for different classes but the first admission charges will be same for everyone.

At the time of admission, only three types of the fee are required-

1- Registration Charges (Adjustable) - Rs. 1000
2-Admission Fee (One Time, Non-Refundable) - Rs. 90,000
3-Cation Money Refundable) - Rs. 25,000

These charges are included in the ADMISSION process and after that; there are charges for the annual fee, books, and stationary and Technology IT. Here you can check the whole fees structure -https://www.gdgoenkasignature.com/pdfs/scj-fee-structure.pdf


The admission process requires you to put your details on their website and they will contact to you as soon as possible. You just have to fill in the 1- Parents name, 2- Child's name, 3-Mobile number, 4- Email ID, 5- Class for which admission is required. And that is all the work from your side is done. You will receive a phone call or an email within few hours or a day and you can continue the process of admission. The admission process is as simple as even you don’t have to visit the school many times, you just visit once to check out the school and do the further process from home.

You can fill in these details here-https://www.gdgoenkasignature.com/admissions.html

Features of School

This school comes under the top 10 schools in Delhi/NCR offering quality education based on CBSE curriculum and international school standards.

This school believes in a comprehensive education with sincerity, dedication, and excellence so that a child is nurtured with good values.

The school consists of large sports complex, laboratories, cultural hub where children can explore themselves beyond education. The teachers are well experienced and one of the most important things about teaching is to promote quality education and not only marks centric education.

If a child enters the school in the very early stage the growth will be like a significant ladder that climbs up with consistent uniformity.

It is one of the best boarding schools too if you stay far away from Gurgaon, then you might have good news. The school provides boarding schooling as well. There are children from all around India; it provides daily, weekly, and full boarding schooling. Which makes it one of the top schools in gurgaon.

To know more about the school checkout the brochure of the GD Goenka SignatureSchool-https://www.gdgoenkasignature.com/pdfs/Gdgoenkabrochure.pdf.

GD Goenka Signature School Opp.
GD Goenka University Sohna Road

Contact no- 9810910000

Email- admissions@gdgss.in, mail@gdgss.in