December 12, 2020

Fence builder in Geelong

What can you expect from a fence builder in Geelong

Building a fence is sometimes challenging and a tough task. So, most homeowners call the professional fence builders in Geelong to complete the job. However, involving a fencing company is tricky has a lot of quirks like all other businesses.

Installing a fence around your home is not so easy, it comes with a lot of challenges. But hiring a professional fence building company is far more convenient than doing it by yourself. Therefore, you need to know a few intricacies of the industry during the hiring process.

Visit by Fence Estimator

The fence companies recruit two kinds of staff for the fence building: one group of staff will inspect your property, and the other the estimator. This can vary with sizeable companies. The estimator from a large company hardly spends time with the builder's group. An estimator’s primary job is to estimate your property. Hence, never expect them to build your fence.

The second process requires a visit by the estimator of the company to your house. The estimator from fence builder in Geelong will measure your property with a measuring device or a long-tape. They will inform with the measurements and other information like material, style, lining, and so on. The ending process involves you signing a contract on the spot or if you wish to take it by mail, then they can mail you the contract.

The Waiting Game

Most of the estimators from fence builders in Geelong will reach your property quickly for inspection, while the builders may take time to arrive. Sometimes the waiting period may take up typically four to six weeks. You need to prepare yourself for that, as it may take even more. Though, this depends on the company, your location, and other key factors. On most occasions, the builders typically take a longer time to arrive at your property.

Many factors are also the key reason for the delay, like the weather, availability of staff, shortage of materials, and so on. You might face all these obstacles while installing a fence for your property.

You also need to remember that fence companies can ask for the sizeable upfront cost contract signing. Sometimes it becomes difficult for the homeowners to get the approval to install a fence. Hence, the delay requires a quite hefty upfront deposit, signed contracts, and often a fence permit gained by the homeowner. So the delay is common on both sides.

Utility Lines

During the waiting period, the fence builder in Geelong needs to avoid digging your utility lines. However, this needs a call from your fence company to discuss this with the company and create a boundary. If they haven’t done this, then you need to inform them about it.