October 8, 2020

Gene Synthesis Expert Ideas by Top Companies

Gene synthesis is a technique of synthetic biology which is used to create artificial genes in the laboratory. The technique is used for molecular cloning, creating fusion proteins, or achieving sufficiently high protein expression levels. Compared to traditional molecular cloning techniques, the gene synthesis service is helpful in saving both time and money while offering unparalleled top to bottom customizability. The gene synthesis market is aimed to describe, define and estimate the forecast for market size of the gene synthesis till 2025. The report strategically analyzes macro and micro-markets to entail the major factors impacting the growth of the global gene synthesis market. The market report for gene synthesis is appropriate to cater the needs and demands of various stakeholders that include pharmaceutical, research institutes, biotechnology and medical companies in the form of research services.

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The products & services segment is expected to accelerate the growth of the global gene synthesis market. Products such as consumables are used in the synthesis of DNA, which includes genetic analysers, DNA synthetizer, and peptide synthetizer. The consumables are used in the numerous stages of the gene synthesis procedures which include sample preparation, storing the samples and its purification, preparation of the library and quantification, and amplification. For instance, Illumina, Inc. offers Nextera DNA Library Prep Kit, ForenSeq DNA Signature Prep Kit, Nextera DNA Flex Library Prep, and Nextera Mate Pair Library Prep Kit for the library preparation in the gene synthesis.

Gene synthesis contribute in not only to improve the understanding of disease mechanisms, but it also provide novel diagnostic tools. The gene synthesis market is segmented into diagnostics, therapeutics, research & developmental activities and others. The methods based on synthetic biology enables in the development of novel strategies for the treatment of cancer, immune diseases metabolic disorders and infectious diseases and the production of cheap drugs. Moreover, the gene synthesis method is widely accepted for the cancer research studies, from initial studies of oncogenic signaling pathways, to the development of DNA vaccines that used in the prevention of cancer or therapeutic antibodies used for immuno-oncology treatments. Thus, the increasing adoption of the gene synthesis in various application is expected to drive the gene synthesis market over the forecast period.

The major players operating in the gene synthesis market include Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc., Twist Bioscience, OriGene Technologies, Inc., BioCat GmbH, GenScript, Eurofins Scientific, Bioneer Corporation, ATUM, GENEWIZ and among others. The global gene synthesis market is highly competitive and driven by large number of agreements, collaboration and partnerships. For instance, in July 2017 Twist Bioscience signed an agreement with Synbio Technologies. The aim of the agreement is to provide the next generation DNA manufacturing and long-length DNA assembly at a commercial scale to customers across the globe.