Save Money on Your Wedding Cake With These Simple Tips

As a bride or groom, there is nothing as special as having a showstopping wedding cake on your special day — but we get it, every budget has its limits. If you feel that every slice of your wedding cake is giving you budget anxiety, we bring to you some really amazing ideas to save on wedding cakes Phoenix.

Order a small display cake

One of the best ways to save on wedding cake is to ask your baker to make a designer cake for display, and supplement with sheet cake in the back to serve the rest of the party. Isn’t it an amazing way to save on your wedding cake? This can actually save you around 20 percent per slice. You can also choose to have a one-tier wedding cake surrounded by loads of cupcakes, doughnuts, cookies or macrons Phoenix.

Keep it simple

Another way to keep things in your budget is to avoid those fancy decoration ideas like sugar flowers, tall tiers and intricate piping. This can actually jack up the price of your cake. The reason here is that bakers would add additional price for them. So when you are choosing your cake style, make sure that you avoid those fancy wedding cakes Phoenix and focus on simple ones that don’t include any over-the-top add-ons.

Serve small slices

When you have many people to feed with your wedding cake and the budget doesn’t allow you to order a huge one, it is always smart that you serve smaller pieces to the guests. Also check if your caterer can also include a round of sweets to supplement. The cake slices can be also kept on the buffet or cake table instead of serving a plate at every place setting.

Choose buttercream.

When it comes to choosing a wedding cake that fits your budget, nothing beats Buttercream as this is typically less expensive. This tastes great and also saves loads of your baker’s efforts in decoration, which in turn helps you avoid the unwanted expenses on your wedding cake.