August 4, 2020

Trove Mastery Guide - Get to High Rank Quickly!

Trove Mastery Guide - Get to High Rank Quickly!

Trove Mastery Guide

Progression is a crucial part of the MMORPG genre. Over the years, we have seen multiple approaches to this aspect of the game. On the one hand, there are the old-school MMOs with slow and challenging leveling process that's mostly vertical. There are always higher levels to reach, stronger items to loot, and more power to get in stats. Meanwhile, a lot of the newer MMORPGs focus on horizontal progression. In essence, you can reach the maximum level relatively quickly, but there's still a lot to do in terms of completing achievements, acquiring cosmetic items, and more. Trove is a relatively new game that has a bit of both of these worlds, but it leans towards the old school grind.

Besides the standard Experience Points received for killing mobs and completing dungeons, players can also progress through the mastery system. You can earn two types of it: Trove mastery and Geode mastery. It depends on the area that you're in and the activities that you perform. Reaching higher levels of mastery grants you passive bonuses to your stats. Moreover, certain thresholds also provide item rewards.

The Mechanics of Trove Mastery

As we established, mastery is a secondary progression system in Trove. The experience-related character level cap is pretty low – the maximum is 30. It still takes a long time to reach that point, but it's manageable for most players willing to put some hours in. Meanwhile, the mastery system is limitless – you can get thousands of points (the very best players surpassed 100 000 quite some time ago) and hundreds of mastery ranks (levels).

Every mastery rank provides the same stat bonuses: 0.5% max HP, 0.15% damage, and 2 Power Rank. These numbers may seem minor, but they add up to very significant buffs, especially when you have a few hundreds of mastery levels. Trust us, you will eventually want to get as much mastery points as possible. The additional Health and offensive stats will be really useful in the later parts of the game.

For ranks 1-5, 25 points are required to advance. When your rank is 6-10, this number increases to 50. Levels 11-20 need 75 points. Then, you will need 100 mastery points for every rank between 21 and 300. At this point, you will reach the final stage of mastery progression. From now on, the number of points required to advance will equal half of your next rank. You'll need 151 points to get rank 302, 200 points for rank 400, et cetera. While rank 300 is still really far away from the top players, it's often regarded as the beginning of the endgame, at least in terms of the mastery system.

While the stat bonuses can be gathered as long as you can advance, the item rewards are limited to a certain point. Currently, the last prize you can get for Trove Mastery is a mount with the name of Valkartzer, Dragon Magrider – an ancestral dragon mount that can ride Mag Rails. You get it upon reaching rank 700. As for Geode Mastery, the last item prize is available at rank 100. It's an untradeable Space Expander. It adds an extra slot to your Egg Incubator or Reliquary Revealer.

How to Get Trove Mastery?

There are multiple ways of getting mastery in Trove. For the most part, they're associated with unlocking and crafting multiple available items in the game. In general, the items that are more expensive and/or harder to provide more points. You can also get some mastery for getting the main character levels, maxing out professions, et cetera. Now, we're going to talk in detail about all the sources of mastery points in Trove!

Character Levels

This won't be that useful in the later ranks, but it will help you accelerate the progress. Every time you level up your character, you'll receive 15 mastery points. Additionally, getting to level 20 grants you extra 125 points, and hitting the level cap at 30 provides 200 mastery points.

After that, you're not going to get extra mastery from experience. The best and quickest ways to level up in Trove are: clearing the most difficult dungeons that you can and the good old grinding. Of course, the amount of experience gained from mobs depends on the world's difficulty and the exact monsters that you're slaying.


As you probably know, the gear in Trove comes in multiple styles. There are thousands of them to unlock in the game. The majority can be acquired by looting specific items and de-constructing them in the Loot Collector (there are a lot of biome-specific skins). Others can only be unlocked as parts of the packs sold in the game store, completing achievements (badges), hatching eggs, and more!

Unlocking a new style can grant you from 1 to even over 100 mastery points. Helmets, auras, and costumes usually provide better rewards. Item styles are an excellent and fast method of collecting mastery points because there are so many to unlock. It's a huge source that's unlikely to ever run out, because the developers keep adding new styles to the game with subsequent updates. It makes unlocking them a great wya to progress your mastery. That being said, to get some of the biome-specific skins, you might have to grind in low-level zones, and that's not exactly the most fun thing to do in Trove.

Some of the skins are exclusive to specific character classes. Others are available to everyone. For weapons, they're divided into melee, guns, bows, staves, spears, and fists (with each class having access to a single type). Face (or mask) skins are available to every class. The same goes for auras, hats and helmets. Beyond that, there are costumes - full armor skins specific to singular classes. Finally, Trove players can take NPC companions on their Geode adventures – these companions also have styles. You can access them by hatching certain eggs in the Egg Incubator. The most expensive ones can provide even 250 Geode and 50 regular mastery points for unlocking! You can also use the special items like Style Surprise and Super Style Stash to unlock random ones that you don't have yet. Styles do not affect stats provided by the item in question.


Mounts are a huge part of Trove. Their primary function is allowing the players to move faster, but there's also a significant prestige factor associated with them. You can obtain mounts through buying them, crafting them, fishing, completing achievements, reaching specific mastery threshold, finding them in boxes, and so on.

Most of the mounts are just running on land, but you can also get Boats for swimming (you can decorate them with Sails – another type of cosmetic item that also provides mastery points), Mag Riders for riding on the Mag Rails and flying Griffons. Finally, there's a special category of mounts – Dragons. If we're talking about gaining mastery, Trove mounts are somewhat similar to the styles. You can get a ton of them and the mastery points rewards are really significant (from 50 to 250 per unlocked mount, even more with some of the most prestigious Dragons). Most mounts are tradeable, so you will be able to get them from other players if you farm enough Trove flux. However, unlocking a lot of them will take a lot of effort, no matter if you're trying to find everything yourself, or farming Flux to purchase them.

Dragons are divided into Fledging, Adult, and Legendary. The first type is the easiest to get, but they provide the least amount of mastery points. More importantly, though – Fledging Dragons can't fly, so if you need a flying mount, you're going to have to grind even harder. Most of the mounts share the same movement speed, but they can have some unique functions and - of course - visuals.


This activity is another source of Trove mastery points. Every time you catch a new type of fish, you will receive some points. The number depends on its rarity. You'll get 5 points for Common Fish, 10 for Uncommon ones, and 25 for Rare and Enchanted types. It's important to note that you only get mastery points for the first time that you catch a specific fish, so you can't rank up by merely sitting mindlessly in a single spot and catching fish after fish. There are over 80 types currently available in the game.


We already touched upon the companions that assist you in Geodes, but there are other NPC helpers that you can use in the remaining locations. Allies are somewhat easier to come by, but they don't provide that much mastery points (10-50). They're available to buy in the game store, crafting as well as drops from various chests and boxes. Some of them are associated with specific zones or biomes. Because of that, unlocking them all requires traveling around multiple worlds that you can visit in Trove. The total number of Allies is quite large (over 100). You can get a lot of mastery points from collecting them all.


Tomes are a special category of items that provide additional prizes for completing specific tasks. Not every tome rewards the player with mastery points upon completion, but most of them do (while also giving extra items). You can fill your tomes by clearing dungeons or participating in Battle Arena, and Bomber Royale matches. The regular tomes provide 20 mastery points, while the Legendary ones grant 100.

Vials and Emblems

Vials and Emblems are the two categories of flasks – the most important consumables in the game. Vials provide the primary health recovery effect and, in a few cases, some bonuses. Emblems are the items that you can put on your vials to create flasks with additional effects. As usual, unlocking a new type of vial or emblem provides a certain amount of mastery points (in most cases, 25).


Currently, Trove features three professions: Runecrafting, Ringcrafting, and Gardening. Each of them has five tiers. In order to access the higher tier, you have to craft items from recipes that belong to the highest tier available to you (to advance from T2 to T3, you have to make T2 items, T1 recipes won't give you any progress). Every crafted item increases your progress by 1, and at 50, you'll get access to the higher tier.

Unlocking a new tier provides 75 mastery points. Since there are five tiers on each of the three professions, you can get 1125 points just from crafting. It's a good idea to incorporate crafting into this process. In general, the professions are really beneficial, and you're not going to regret leveling them.


This unique item category allows the player to glide in the air for a limited time after a jump. There are multiple types of wings, but they usually only differ in terms of visuals (the flying speed and time that you can spend in the air remain the same). Wings can be bought from NPCs and the game store - they can also be looted from certain chests and boxes. Unlocking a pair of wings almost always provides 100 mastery points.

Mastery Rank Rewards

We went over the methods of gaining the Trove mastery points. Now let's talk about the reasons to do that. First of all, the aforementioned stat bonuses should be enough incentive for most players to rank up mastery. However, if you need stronger or more tangible motivation, there are lots of exceptional items and features to unlock.

Let's list some of the examples. At rank 2, you receive your Forum Posting Privileges. Level 10 unlocks Qubesly – likely the first ally that you're going to have. At various ranks, you'll receive increases to your flask capacity as well as mining (Lasermancy) and crafting speed. Mastery level 20 lets you use Trading Post and Marketplace. Rank 30 gives you access to a mount called Regal Recliner (it's faster than the starting Slow Sebastian). At level 40, you'll receive Adept's Wing and the ability to glide. Rank 50 gives you access to the first Mag Rider.

Over the course of getting higher ranks, you'll get access to some more mounts, allies, helmets, and wings. Level 70 gives you the first boat and level 80 - a sail. Every few levels, you'll receive some Credits (premium currency), and at rank 100, you get access to the first Mastery Tome. Rank 120 unlocks the Master Angler's Rod that's really useful for fishing. There's a fantastic reward for reaching mastery level 200 – it's an Adult Dragon mount called Monarch Dragon.

As you get to higher ranks, you will receive more valuable items, including auras, masks, different currencies (most notably Radiant Sovereign), and more tomes. As we already mentioned, the highest level reward currently is Valkartzer, Dragon Magrider, at mastery rank 700.

Geode Mastery

Geode mastery is mostly associated with exploring Geodes, crafting on the Crystallogy Workbench, and using Reliquaries. You can rank up by unlocking companions and unlocking new Crystallogy recipes. The rewards include Mastery Reliquaries, rare materials, companion eggs, Space Expanders etc. The final prize is granted to the player at rank 100.

Mastery in Trove

As you can see, the Trove mastery feature is a long but worthwhile progression system. Getting some of the most valuable rewards is exceptionally satisfying, especially after putting in all that hard work. The gradual increase of your character's most important stats also feels really good. Get strong and unlock tons of great in-game content!

At the same time, you shouldn't focus too hard on maxing out your mastery early on. Make sure that you're having fun, explore the different worlds, collect Cubits (one of the game's most important currencies) and try out all of the great activities that Trove has to offer. You will passively generate a lot of the mastery points just by passively progressing through the game.

Trove is an MMORPG that has been developed and published by Trion Worlds (owned by gamigo Inc). It has been initially released for PC in July 2015. It's currently available on Windows, Macintosh, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Trove is free-to-play, so you can just create an account, download the game and start playing without spending any money at all. There are lots of interesting things to do within the game, just try it out and see for yourself!

If you need more information about this game, be sure to visit our blog: We are constantly publishing information and guides there to help you, so that you can easily develop in the game. You can be sure that on our website you will find great and up-to-date guides.


What are the fastest ways of getting mastery in Trove?

You can get the most mastery from accessing the unlockable items. For example: styles, mounts, allies, et cetera.

How do you unlock styles in Trove?

Most styles can be unlocked by de-constructing an item with that style in the Loot Collector.

What is the highest mastery rank in Trove?

There's an unlimited number of mastery ranks. Currently, the highest one that provides an item reward is rank 700. You need a total of 129 300 mastery points to unlock it. Some players in the communtiy have already achieved a higher rank.

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