August 3, 2020

GG-Shøt Indicator

Complex Indicator
for TradingView

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How to use

The GG-Shøt Indicator gives you entry points for Long or Short, Targets and Stop Loss right on the chart, you just enter the position and take profit.

Also, indicator warns about the possibility of Long / Short in advance before the call.

The indicator has two types of Targets - four static Targets, which are the reference points, and two dynamic Take Profits, which appear during the trade.

In the screenshot below you can see how the price reversed after the signal, went down and rebounded from the Trend Line (in this case it is Green) - this line is a Trend and the price often bouncing off from it:

v3 is here!

Biggest update of GG-Shøt Indicator ⚙️

>>> new experience new features more profit 

- New strategies added. 📈

Now GG-Shøt Indicator has 162 different strategies for Crypto, Forex and Stocks.

- Old strategies improved.🔋

We updated all strategies and made hundreds of back-tests to find better settings.

- Live Back-Test Panel. 📊

You can see live statistics of every strategy you want and choose the one you like the most.

- New TP mechanics. 🎯

Target Point mechanics was fully updated and we added 5 different Trading Modes.

- Support and Resistance zone. 🌀

We added validated support and resistance zones on the chart.

- Channel trading mode 💫

Changes the appearance of the indicator transforming it into a channel, when price touching the channel boundaries the algorithm will give additional signals (long and short).

- Long/Short opportunity.🪄

Alerts you to a new indicator signal in advance

- Flat Zones Filter. 🛠

Reduces the indicator signals on the inactive market.

- Show bounces. 🎢

This function shows possible price bounces on the chart

- Telegram Bot Notifications.💡

All strategies are monitored by bot and signals come directly into to telegram the bot. Now you don't need spending time sitting near the monitor whole day - make your things and bot will tell you if there is some new opportunities. Also in the bot you can see the success rate of each signal, and filter the incoming signals of the indicator, depending on the accuracy you choose. The bot is also supported by Cornix.

This is what an indicator signal looks like in the chart👆🏻
This is what an indicator signal looks like in the bot👆🏻

Video review of the indicator:

Detailed overview of the indicator functions and updates.

Video review of the Telegram Bot:

Detailed overview of the bot functions.

Strategies and trading pairs

GG-Shøt Indicator is universal trading tool and allows you to work in any market -
BTC, Altcoins, DeFi, Forex, Stocks, Oil, Gold, Silver.

Now available 162 strategies

Full list here - Click

Backtests examples

GGShot_Bot (Cornix) Autotrading

GG-Shøt Indicator signals automatically come to telegram bot in a supported format for CORNIX, you can automate the signals fully or partially as well you can use different personal configurations.

This is what an indicator signal looks like in the cornix bot👆🏻

👉🏼 Tutorial guide on how to automate via GGShot_Bot in Telegram

👉🏼 Tutorial guide on how to automate via GG-Shøt indicator in TradingView

Buying your personal trading assistant you also get a spot in our closed trading chat with indicator users and traders from the dev team

GG Players Club

In GG Players Club we give our personal recommendations on coins on Spot|Swap, share setups on Futures, as well as do analytics on the crypto market warning about big moves in advance.

Link for those who want to join our club >>> Click

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