ERP Linux Virtual Machine

Host your ERP application on HostingRaja ERP Linux VPS server at an affordable price with amazing features. HostingRaja being No 1 hosting provider in India is now providing ERP Linux (  VPS server. So what is ERP? Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is software that systematizes, streamlines and combines business processes like-  finance, human resources, procurement, distribution, and other departments into one single process. In other words, ERP is a software that operates on an integrated software platform by using common data that defines operating on a single database. With HostingRaja ERP Linux based VPS Server, your ERP software will promote better visibility throughout the entire organization and allows you to take better decisions in terms of business operations like inventory management, accounting, order management, human resources, supply chain, etc.
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Using HostingRaja ERP Linux server for your business will help you to manage multiple business applications and operations from a single platform. So by having this feature you can easily share similar data models and covers the end-to-end processes. We also provide 99.9%  server uptime guarantee with 24/7 customer support via, phone, chat, email and ticket system.