April 23, 2021

How was my Config 2021?

This year I was fortunate to be a speaker at Config — a huge annual Figma conference, which is currently held online. Over 55 000 people from all over the world came to watch the conference! I spoke in a group of other Figma experts: Andrei Iancu, Vitalli Sologub, Chudo Loo and ShuaiQi Sun (aka Mr.Biscuit). The topic of our talk was “Pushing Figma to its limits” — we blew the minds of the audience with cool hacks and useful workarounds they didn't even know were possible in Figma!

Config website: our talk and my speaker page

Our talk went great, the response from the audience was amazing, the chat was going so fast that I couldn't keep up with reading it. People were saying things like “you are amazing”, “this is more intense than a minecraft speedrun”, “stoppp it”, and my favorite: “Is this fake?” Due to the time constraints we couldn't explain everything in much detail, so a lot of people were afraid to blink at the wrong moment. Good news: the talk is recorded and will be released on the Figma YouTube channel in a month! UPDATE: here is the talk recording!


Presentation source file

Get our slides file on Figma Community and pick them apart: https://figma.fun/TMUu7H

Auto Layout Tips & Hacks

Get my file with a lot of cool Auto Layout techniques shown and explained in detail, including all the ways to create zero-pixel frames: https://figma.fun/nlzApu

Friends of Figma, Hackers

During our talk preparations we continued sharing and discovering new hacks, workarounds and cool techniques so we decided to start a community. Join us: https://friends.figma.com/hackers/

“Collectible” name card

Check out my Config 2021 name card: https://figma.fun/uPvmQB


We got shout-outs on the slides in the pauses between the talks! I was able to screenshot some: caught these pokemons!

Big day for my Figma Link Shortener!

I was shocked to see that my figma.fun link shortener was used to show these links to the audience! It seemed to have worked: over 1000 people opened these links shared on the conference!

New 500 simultaneous viewers limit came in handy

At the end of my segment of the talk, I shared my website and encouraged people to add something to the Figma guest book. Looking at the comments, it my site didn't hold up the load very well, but Figma did: a lot of people simultaneously opened the site and saw the guest book. Have you seen it? There still some blank spots in it, come and leave something nice there: https://gleb.sexy/

Nothing great is made alone.™

This tagline Dylan said in his presentation is incredibly relevant after everything I experienced recently, including the creation of the FoF Hackers group. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and dream about ways you can collaborate with others to make great things Feel free to reach out if you'd like to make something together!

Find purpose in your life

This screenshot from the Config closing talk that I missed is very thought-provoking and inspiring. It made me sit down and take a deep look into my life, draw some mindmaps and ideas, dream about the future. “If you want to find purpose in your work, first find purpose in your life.”

Thank you!

I'm feeling energized after meeting lots of wonderful people and hearing so many good words about the work we did together. I'm grateful I've had this experience and I'm super excited to continue my journey of community building tools for creatives, breaking things, sharing knowledge and inventing things together with you.

Wanna chat? Know a conference I can speak at? Send me a message!