May 13, 2019

Geographic Information System (GIS) Domain Displaying Steady Progress

The geographic information system (GIS) domain is steadily growing owing to the increasing usage of the technology in urban planning and disaster management. In urban planning, GIS helps create 3D maps of smart cities, in which new information, just as it becomes available, can be easily integrated into existing maps. In addition, 3D GIS is also being used for census, transportation, flood modeling, building surveillance, and water runoff study. Similarly, as GIS provides real-time geographical information, it helps in forest fire management, flood management, and carbon emission management.

GIS helps authorities calculate emergency management requirements prior to an incident. Wildfires, tsunamis, hurricanes, floods, epidemics, earthquakes, and oil spills can be shown and presented in GIS. Yet another reason for the domain growth is the increasing investments by governments in the technology. Under the Digital India initiative, the government is expected to further invest in improving internet connectivity and location-based services infrastructure, which, in turn, will bolster the GIS domain.

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