September 22, 2021

Why KeplerSwap? — Highlights of KeplerSwap Features

The KeplerSwap platform is a decentralized, professional-based trading platform on blockchain technology. KeplerSwap offers its users full solutions to autonomous trading, identity security, security of assets, and many more on a mix of blockchains under the terms of a Decentralized Market Agreement.

KeplerSwap aims at changing the DeFi ecosystem by putting out DeFi 2.0 as an upgrade and addressing the limitations and faults DeFi 1.0 brought with it. With this KeplerSwap offers a number of interesting features that this article aims at highlighting.

The KeplerSwap Decentralized Lending

Keplerswap is launching a new type of loan system that is designed to be more frictionless and intelligent. Users can borrow the equivalent currency as collateral based on their demands and the quantity of cash available. Futures trading will also be supported by Keplerswap. Traders can use the platform’s margin loan arrangement with the lender to borrow cash for margin trading.

Kepler Flash Swap

Flash Swap is a new feature from KeplerSwap that allows users to return with two distinct supply pool tokens. This feature addresses the problem of Defi1.0, which allowed the user to “cash first and return later.”

KeplerSwap Oracle

The Oracle is a Keplerswap mechanism that reads past data many times in order to save money. It can also calculate pricing data from the previous 10 days and preserve the results. It assists by preventing artificial trading-induced price imbalances. It also stops attackers from gaining a large margin of victory.

In conclusion, KeplerSwap intends to make the DeFi 2.0 explorer platform useful in the most open and innovative decentralized ecosystem possible with these characteristics. KeplerSwap will bring together global geeks to co-create technical advancements and expand the scope of decentralized money.

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