June 8, 2021

MahaDao & Cryption to bring triple reward farming for $ARTH holders

In order to create a seamless DeFi experience for users, we keep reinforcing our vision with meaningful integrations and partnerships.

To bring our vision into reality, we are super thrilled to announce our upcoming integration with MahaDAO, a stablecoin platform that has launched the world’s first valuecoin, ARTH.

ARTH is a stablecoin that is not pegged to the US Dollar but rather pegged to the Global Measurement Unit (GMU). This makes it possible for it to appreciate overtime against the Dollar. MahaDAO is a community-oriented autonomous organization that powers the users to preserve their purchasing power by using ARTH. ARTH shares ARTHX is predominantly a solution that will bring immense stability to ARTH and also keep it partially collateralized. It will eventually absorb the volatility of ARTH.

Both Cryption and MahaDAO will come together and join forces in the same capacities to bring about a revolution in the DeFi space.

Why PolyDEX?

PolyDEX is an AMM DeFi exchange that enumerates the concept of elastic yield farming. Elastic Farming has been conceptualized to incentivize users for providing liquidity. PolyDEX is established as an exchange that is characterized as a feeless exchange that creates a bridge to bring liquidity from Ethereum to Matic. PolyDEX is completely revolutionary because it will be instant, rapid with an Initial Farm offering for partner projects with the help of dual farming tokens.

Elastic farming as the name suggests is about changing the farm token dynamically based on a given formula. The number of farm tokens will increase when the token value decreases so as to incentivize LPs to provide liquidity. If the value increases then we will decrease the number of farm tokens in a manner that the value distributed tokens also goes up.

How is the Cryption MahaDAO partnership beneficial?

Cryption will be creating a farm on PolyDEX of ARTH/USDC providing users with triple rewards. With MahaDAO there will be a way for reaping rich rewards through liquidity farming. We will provide users with higher and better APRs and triple rewards in the form of ARTHX, MAHA & CNT.

Both Cryption and the MahaDAO teams have set out to design and create an asset that will protect the purchasing power of the holder. ARTH with its non-depreciating algorithmic token will ensure stability in buying power over time. We have enabled farming because it will strengthen both platforms with much-involved participation.

We are looking to make Cryption products and solutions easily available to everyone and through this integration, even MahaDAO users will be able to integrate with our suite of DeFi products maximum security and zero friction. Our vision to create a more inclusive and decentralized future strikes the core requirement of both Cryption and MahaDAO. We are really excited to build a solution with the project that shares our ethos.

About MahaDAO

MahaDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that is governed by the MAHA community. It uses frameworks like governance portals and forums making the MAHA token holders the helm of central affairs. Within the MahaDAO ecosystem, there are two prime tokens MAHA & ARTH. MAHA works as a governance token and ARTH is the valuecoin of the MahaDAO ecosystem.

About Cryption

Cryption aims to make the onboarding process simpler for retail users. We offer a suite of user-friendly products to facilitate crypto adoption and provide the best service possible. Cryption Network helps to simplify the crypto ecosystem without diminishing its value. We offer:

  • PolyDEX — L2 Swap
  • Elastic Farming
  • Deflation of CNT
  • Seer
  • Cryption App
  • Non-Custodial Portfolio Management
  • Ether Rush
  • DeFi Stack
  • NFTs

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