November 26, 2020

What is an Amazon Business Account? (Top 5 Features)

What is an Amazon Business Account? (Top 5 Features)

Amazon has rolled out a number of additional features for its amazon business account members. Benefits of Amazon business account don’t just apply to large companies, but small to medium-sized businesses too.

What is an Amazon business account? An Amazon business account is an account on the Amazon platform that provides unique perks for businesses that use Amazon regularly. Some notable perks include bulk discounts, tax exemptions, and analytics tools. So let’s go over the top 5 features of an Amazon business account that you should know about.

Exclusive Discounts

Once businesses sign up for an Amazon business account, they will notice that they can see exclusive items that weren’t available before. Not only that, but members also may receive a discount for purchasing specific quantities of items.

Amazon states that there are millions of products exclusive to their business account members. Exclusive products that are available cover the typical range of products that are needed for everyday business in various industries.

Tax Exemptions for Qualifying Businesses

For certain non-profit businesses, Amazon will waive taxes on their purchases. For example, churches and charities won’t have to pay taxes for purchases on their Amazon business account.

Analytics Tools and Account Structure

One of the key benefits of Amazon business account is the analytical tools that it provides. Businesses can view reports of items that they purchase, keep track of refunds and returns, and get a visual representation of all their important data.

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A business that signs up for an Amazon business account can also add multiple team members to the account. From there, they can set up an account structure that mimics their business, set up purchasers and purchase approvers, and control who uses payment methods.

Free Shipping on Orders Over $25 and Pallet Shipping

When a business account member makes an order that is over $25, Amazon will provide free two-day shipping. Additionally, for businesses that would prefer to order pallets of goods, Amazon will deliver to the loading dock of their business address.

There are two different membership levels businesses can select, Amazon Business and Business Prime. Each one has a different cost level. Businesses can receive up to one-day or same-day shipping with a Prime Business account.

Guided Buying With Price Comparisons

Something that makes the shopping process easier for Amazon’s business account members is the ability to compare prices and features with their guided buying. It’s as easy as selecting the items they want to compare, and viewing the breakdown on the comparison page.

Businesses can also mark certain products or sellers as preferred options. That way, team members know what to look for when making a purchase. On the flip side of that, there is also an option to restrict certain products or sellers that one would want to refrain from purchasing from.