November 28, 2020

QRS PEMF Home Therapy Mat: What You Need to Know

If you want to take your healing therapy to the next level – QRS PEMF is the way to go. The QRS PEMF technology is a result of decades of rigorous applied and fundamental research by international scientists.

Understanding PEMF Therapy

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields and it’s used worldwide for improving blood metabolism and blood circulation. It has proved effective in healing the cells of your body by providing pulsed electromagnetic frequencies that are complementary to the normal functions and chemistry of a human body.

QRS Electromagnetic Field Therapy Mat

At times, our body gets used to static magnetic waves that can’t penetrate deep into the cells. To treat patients, a QRF PEMF home-therapy mat is designed to generate low-frequency magnetic pulses capable of penetrating all over the body. This QRF therapy based on a digitally generated vibration field is miles ahead in efficiency and functionality as compared to conventional competing systems.

Unlike the electromagnetic fields generated from cell phones, power lines, microwaves, etc. the therapeutic electromagnetic fields from QRF PEMF mat are of lower frequency, safe, and natural – which are complementary to the chemistry and functions of the body.

By creating an extremely low-frequency program, which resonates with the natural frequencies of the body, the QRS restores cell functioning, reinforces weak functional cycles, and improves the self-healing capabilities of the body.

Advantages of PEMF Therapy

A patient has to lie down on a PEMF mat for eight minutes twice a day. Its effects last at least 8 hours on a healthy person and prove effective in:

· Reducing inflammation, pain, and stress

· Improving blood circulation and metabolism

· Regeneration of cells

· Muscle relaxation

· Balancing the immune system

· Regulating blood pressure, uptake of nutrients, and

PEMF therapy increases the release of endorphin, serotonin, and other important hormones in the brain that improve the natural mechanism of your body to heal. To get maximum benefits, you need the daily application of QRS, Quantum Resonance System.

Why does It Heal Your Body?

Due to the chemical reactions occurring in a human body, low-frequency electromagnetic fields (energy) are generated which are critical for normal bodily functions. Any disruption in this electromagnetic energy can seriously impair cell metabolism.

Modern medical tests such as EEG and ECG also measure these electromagnetic fields to assess the activities of bodily organs including the heart and brain.

The QRS PEMF therapy mat produces a magnetic field in the same way as two magnets held together. This electromagnetic field improves the energy system of your body. Two eight minutes sessions a day improve cell functionality throughout the body and nourish energy requirements.

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Your body can replace the dead cells by producing new cells every minute and thereby, improve cell cellular function and quality of life.

Where to Buy quality QRS Mat

What matters the most is the quality of the QRS PEMF Home Therapy Mat you buy for yourself or your family. To get the best product delivered to the doorstep, contact QRS right now and get the best PEMG system with a 6-month return policy and five-year full warranty.

QRS PEMF Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Mat

Remember, one QRS PEMF system is enough for the whole family. Mostly, users witness results within a few days, but sometimes it may take months to enable the boy to balance itself.