Benefits of Using Focus Pads in Boxing.

There are many accessories that we use during boxing training to make the training easier. Also, these accessories improve the results of our training. In this article, we will talk about one of those advantageous accessories i.e., Focus pad.

If you want to develop your fighting reflexes, punching techniques, fighting Strategy, and defense technique, then you should train yourself on focus pads. Go for AQF Sports, Amazon, Ali Express, Flipkart, or any other online store to help you in providing the best focus mitts.

Training on focus mitts is very good for workout and also enhances your intellect. Some people also enjoy doing it and consider it as fun. Moreover, Mitt's work is also thought to be realistic. 

Training on focus mitt uses speed and power, and these mitts are unbelievably diverse. Many boxers make use of these mitts to improve the results of their training. This training also involves Strategy, rhythm, accuracy, style, and timing, etc. You can develop yourself much on these focus mitts and develop your sweet boxing skills. 

Different types of focus pads

1.      Air Pads

An air focus pad is a great pad, and beginners can easily use it as it is very easy to use. It is a very popular pad and has an air pocket in the middle. This air pocket provides cushion and makes everything easy for the person who is punching. 

2.      Club Pad

A club focus pad is considered to be a safe pad. If someone is a beginner, inexperienced, then he/she should use the club focus pad. It has a curved shape that provides high density, which ensures control and safety. It also provides extra support between the face of the pad and wrist. This leads to the minimal movement for the person who is holding the pad. 

3.      Leather Pad

This pad has great strength and is made of leather, which is genuine and is of high quality as well. This curved focus mitt is double stitched and ensures complete safety and control. If someone wants to use the focus pad daily, then this leather focus mitt is a suite for them. This Focus mitt is more fitted to the person who is holding this focus pad and provides long wear and tear. 

4.      Cuban Pad

A Cuban focus pad is small in size and serves two main purposes. The first purpose is the same as in MMA that you can use the Cuban pad as a focus mitt and also use it to grab on the opponent.

This effect ensures an interactive workout. The second purpose is that when you are working with a beginner or a less experienced person, then this pad is much suitable as this pad is quite small and is easy to use.

Benefits of using focus pads

  • It improves the violative skills (combinations and angles)
  • Training on these pads enhances your defensive skills as well. For instance, it improves blocking, rolling, slipping, parrying, etc. 
  • Using these pads, you can also practice moving against a live person. This will improve your Strategy, footwork, counter-punching, etc. 

Tips for Holding the Mitts for Someone

1.     Keep it natural

You have to remain natural, and both understand and use your natural body styles. You should just use natural movements. Keep in mind that you have to move normally; you have to stand naturally and stay normal. If you do awkward movements and feel nervous, then the fighter will also get confused. If you are tense during the training, the fighter will also feel under confident. 


2.     Maintain the rhythm

You have to be smooth and relaxed. For this practice to develop a steady rhythm and earn to stay calm. If you develop a rhythm, then you will be faster, more powerful, and more energetic. You should have a relaxed rhythm from offense to defense.  

3. "Punch back" at the punches

You should be very relaxed and follow these steps to punch back at the fighter. First, relax, then exhale, then turn, and they punch back with the mitts. This will allow you to stay relaxed and absorb the punches. Now, this exhaling, turning, and punching is also a good rhythm.

4.     Learn lots of drills

Learn new styles, new drills, new techniques, new patterns, and new combinations. You should watch others and then make some styles of your own. Invent them, practice the defense, footwork, punching back, counter-punching, and offense skills. You can also opt for southpaw style. 

To sum it up!

Focus pads are considered amongst the most important accessories that are a must-have during the training. This pad gives you added protection and also boosts your confidence. Try using different types of pads such as Thai focus mitts, micro focus mitts, and many others to find out the most suitable one for you.