April 17, 2020

Why Does Varicocele Occur And How To Get Rid Of It?

Varicocele is termed as an abnormal enlargement of a vein in the scrotum. Known to be one of the leading causes of infertility, Varicocele is a lifestyle disease – this means that Varicocele develops over the course of time. How does it lead to infertility? Well, the arterial and venous systems bring and send blood to and from the scrotum. This blood has to be pure for the good production of sperm. Now, when the venous system fails to send back the blood due to a Varicocele, there is more impure blood in the testis and this is bad for the production of sperm. Thus, the sperm count reduces eventually causing infertility in the long term.

So how and why does it occur?

The veins are responsible for sending back blood to the heart so that it is purified. But for the blood to go to the heart, the blood has to travel upwards from the scrotal area. To make sure the blood travels in the upward direction, the veins have uni-directional valves. Now, modern lifestyle causes a lot of toxicity from the cells gets accumulated in the blood leading to imbalanced pH. This altered pH and toxins give rise to the formation of free radicals, that accumulate around those valves. This accumulation of free radicals and toxins around the valves leads to improper functioning and this causes an obstruction in the smooth blood flow. Because of this, blood starts accumulating in the veins. Eventually, the accumulated blood causes the vein to ‘varicose’ and forms Varicocele.

As you can see, this is not a one day process. It takes months or years for the veins to stop working properly and the varicocele to develop. And this is mainly caused due to an improper lifestyle. That’s why varicocele is a lifestyle disease.

Now how to heal varicocele naturally?

To heal varicocele naturally one has to take care of two things. First is your lifestyle – so that the varicocele does not increase further. Second is to get rid of the free radicals that have caused the valves to function improperly. To do this, Grocare India has three medicines – Nervica, Acidim, and Activiz. Acidim helps alter the pH around the valves such that the free radicals become weak. Activiz helps the region to get rid of the toxins from the area and Nervica ensures that blood flow remains smooth. This process is slow because the medicines do not affect the area directly. This being a holistic approach, the medicines will help the arterial and venous systems gain strength. They will help manage the pH of the entire body in such a way that the body itself gets rid of the toxins inside.

This method is very effective because it's your body that is doing the actual healing from inside. The medicines just give it big support. That is why once cured, one can stop taking the medicines because the body itself has gained enough strength to prevent the disease from recurring.

But remember, the medicines are only 50% of the treatment. The rest of the 50% is your lifestyle. Unless you follow a healthy lifestyle, your body will not stop.

developing the varicocele and the medicines will only prevent the varicocele from growing in that condition. Thus to stop it, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle.

So what is defined as a healthy lifestyle?

Well, Grocare India provides a diet chart with each order which contains all the pointers to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Remember, it's not as much as what you eat, as much as when you eat it and whether your body can digest it. You can contact the company for more information on this.

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