May 11, 2022

ZKpad - earn tokens and xp

ZKpad is the Launchpad site on StarkNet. Now the StarkNet network is developing strongly and it is worth participating in all its projects. What I like most about ZKpad is the ability to get allocation permission with nft, which can be transferred. This opens up even more opportunities for earning when this site comes out.

We do not have a very large, but not a small selection of tasks (quests) that we need to complete in order to receive tokens and experience (XP)

After the release of the site, we will be able to exchange our XP for $ZKP tokens

📜 Instruction

Go to the site

We connect Metamask and our DIscord

The tasks are divided into three areas: Marketing, Product and Intro, in which you can be active and get XP, tokens and other rewards!

ZKPAD project links

Telegram Group:
Discord :