August 19, 2020

How to give gold to a friend in GW2

So, a new friend has finally join you in this game that you been speaking about for months. He create the account, log in and start playing. One problem only, he is broke. In the game i mean (let's hope that not in real life), so you want to help him.

You can find a couple of options online, i would personally recommend to Buy GW2 Gold, in a secure and with great reputation market. But if that is not your cup of tea, then i will try to explain how to do Money Laundering in GW2.

Money Laundering in GW2

Find an item with a decent difference in between the buy/sell prices. The bigger the difference, the faster the whole process goes.

  1. Acquire said items, enough to cover your 30 gold.
  2. Coordinate with your friend, and have him put lots of buy orders up JUST as you sell your items.
  3. Get him to sell the items with sell orders only.


  1. Item has SELL orders up at 30g. Item has BUY orders up at 10g.
  2. You acquire 1 of said 30g item
  3. Sell it to your friend at 10g (via TP)
  4. Friend lists said item for 30g and hopefully sells for 30g.

You now have 10g, and your friend now has 20g (Pre-TP tax and all.)

Now if you want to transfer that last 10g, you can find another item with a similar situation.

Realistically it is quite difficult though but if you work hard, you will be able to do it.