September 23, 2021

Process Design of Cold Roll Forming Machine

With the development of the maturer and stabler process design of the cold roll forming machine, it provides excellent performance for the metal sheet during the forming process. High-quality cold roll forming machines can complete the cold roll forming process of various materials such as complex profiled metal sheets at one time, which meets more architectural requirements. At the same time, new technologies make product quality control more accurate, which can stably produce a large number of products at one time, shorten the product development cycle, and greatly improve production efficiency.

The sheet metal is usually transported to the processing plant in the form of coils. After the processing plant receives the coils, the sheet metal is transported to the processing plant. The plant cuts the raw materials to meet the design requirements. After the plate is cut, it enters the cold roll forming machine for one-time forming and is processed into a shape that meets the requirements of the project.

For different plate types, it can be realized by changing and adjusting the roll shaft assembly of the cold-formed steel machine. By adding a cutting unit at the end of the forming machine, the cutting of the plate in the length direction can be completed. When the building has curved surface modeling requirements, the board can be processed twice. The arc bending machine can produce plates of different shapes. At the same time, the formed sheet can be processed by the punch unit to complete the details of the sheet, which greatly improves the output efficiency of the equipment and reduces the workload of on-site construction operations.

During field installation, the shutdown device can quickly shut down the system. When the construction temperature is too low, a thermal auxiliary device can be added to the occlusal unit.

In the 21st century, the sheet metal industry is in a period of rapid development. With the steady growth of steel production and economic development, the construction industry has become one of the necessary economic pillars of developing countries. Cold roll forming technology is mainly used in various public facilities, residential buildings, industrial plants and so on. And it has become an important part of modern architecture.

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