December 9, 2019

Global Car Washing System Market To Witness Stellar Growth Rate In The Next 10 Years

Car Washing System Market: Introduction

The world has seen an enormous growth in the technology and innovation, the thought of using automatic machines to clean and wash cars, appliances or equipment’s was once just a dream. But, yes today with the advancement of automation and use of PLC (Programmable Logic Control) control systems in all industries, it is possible to use machine to do our daily chores. With increasing standard of living, humans are looking for more comfort and easy life, thus here the automation is a great boon to the society.

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Car Washing Systems are the ‘one stop facility’ used for cleaning the exterior and in some cases the interior of the cars. Car washing System has been fruitful invention since it made the task of washing and cleaning of cars on large scale easier, moreover the type of dirt or the quantity of dirt is never a troublesome factor now. The continuous increment in the industrialization has been a key growth factor for the car washing system market, previously washing a car was a tiresome and time consuming task, then came pressurized nozzle, working on the principle of spraying pressurized water for cleaning and washing, which is a bit simpler way of car washing, however with the automation, presently the automatic equipment can wash as well as clean the car with minimal human effort. Car washing system market is using more advanced technology and renewing itself over the last decade and it is expected that car washing systems will be fully automatically functional without a single attendant or employee required in the futuristic world.

Car Washing System Market dynamics:

Car Washing System Market has been already in great demand in the western countries and is one of the key growth contributor for the cleaning and washing industries. Regions like North America, Europe and Japan are expanding their stronghold in the car washing system market. In developing economies like the Asia Pacific region, various automotive repair shop owners and dealers are keen on installation of such automatic car washing systems but due to the easy availability of labor at reasonable cost and low degree of awareness the task is being delayed. Nevertheless in these economies, the consumers are becoming smart and machine friendly, hence in between the forecast period there will be upward growth for the car washing system market.

In earlier times, Hydrofluoric acid which is a hazardous chemical was used as a cleaning agent by many users. However, there has been a solid move by the industries to switch to detergent and the chemicals which are eco-friendly and stable in nature. The use of eco-friendly products are acting as catalysts for the growth of the car washing system market. Hence analyzing the above reasons the global market for the car washing system will have a positive growth in the forecasted period.

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Car Washing System Market segmentation:

Car Washing System Market can be segmented by product type, by sales channel and by process.

On the basis of product type, car washing system market can be segmented as:

  • Self-service car washing
  • In bay Automatic car washing system
  • Tunnel Automatic car washing system

By sales channel, car washing system market can be segmented as:

  • Original equipment manufacturer
  • Aftermarket

By Process, car washing system market can be segmented as:

  • Cloth Friction Car washing
  • Touch less Car washing

Car Washing System Market Participants:

Some of the examples of car washing system providers include

  • Tommy Car Wash Systems,
  • Oasis Car Wash Systems,
  • PECO Car Wash Systems,
  • Autowash, Washworld Inc.,
  • Macneil,
  • PDQ Vehicle Wash Systems,
  • Coleman Hanna,
  • Innovative Control Systems Inc.,
  • Car Wash Systems Inc. and others.