December 6, 2019

Global Methylene Chloride Market To Witness Rapid Development During The Period 2019-2029

Being also widely traded as dichloromethane and DCM, methylene chloride is a colorless liquid and is highly volatile. Methylene chloride is immiscible in water while showcasing decent miscibility with several organic solvents. Methylene finds prominent application as a paint stripper and in degreasing applications. While also being significantly consumed as a raw material in the manufacturing of several chemicals, the methylene chloride also finds its use in foam manufacturing.

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Methylene Chloride Market: Dynamics

One of the significant driving factor for the overall methylene chloride market is noted to remain its use as a paint remover. With a substantial growth seen in the end use industries employing methylene chloride in several applications, including cleaning applications and for downstream chemicals production, the methylene chloride market is anticipated to witness steady demand over the forecast period. This demand for methylene chloride is expected to create sizeable opportunity for market participants based around the world.

Though methylene chloride is noted to remain relatively less toxic than the other chlorohydrocarbons, it still portrays substantial health hazard upon exposure. The studies also suggest that the methylene chloride can be absorbed through skin and over – exposure to the chemical can prove to be fatal. Along with its other health hazards, methylene chloride is also said to be a potential carcinogen. Such features of methylene chloride has put it under the scrutiny of environmental and authoritative bodies. Stringent laws in the methylene chloride marketplace act against the market growth. The threat of substituting methylene chloride with safer chemicals also results in the reduced consumption of methylene chloride in several applications.

One of the most recent setback for the methylene chloride market is the United States Environment Protection Agency’s (EPA) rule banning the consumption of methylene chloride in producing paint strippers for commercial applications. The rule is expected to be effective by the end of 2019 and have a significant impact on the overall methylene chloride market demand.

The supply of methylene chloride has been witness to quite a few obstacles owing to facility shutdowns and limited capacity expansion initiatives in the countries of Asia Pacific and Europe. The raw material, such as chlorine, availability has also realized certain limitations due to the increasing demand for chlorine in several other downstream chemicals manufacturing. However, the prices and availability of methanol and several other raw materials give the boost to the manufacturers to operate at higher production capacities maintaining the methylene chloride supply steady over the forecast period. The market demand for methylene chloride is anticipated to gain stable momentum in the first half of the forecast period, subject to optimistic political framework surrounding methylene chloride in countries around the world.

Methylene Chloride Market: Segmentation

The global methylene chloride market can be segmented on the basis of application

On the basis of application, the global methylene chloride market is segmented into:

  • Chemical Intermediate
  • Paint & Varnish Remover
  • Metal Cleaning
  • Foam Manufacturing
  • Others (Adhesive, Refrigerant, etc.)

Methylene Chloride Market: Regional Outlook

Regionally, the methylene chloride production is highly concentrated in countries such as India and China. The Asia Pacific region is also anticipated to lead from the forefront of the global methylene chloride market, in terms of volume consumption. While in the highly regulated regions such as Europe and North America, the consumers are much inclined towards using safer products and hence, the methylene chloride market is expected to remain steady over the forecast period. In regions like Latin America and Middle East & Africa, the demand for methylene chloride is noted to steadily rise and are expected to account for a significant proportion in the global methylene chloride market

Some of the market participants in the global methylene chloride market identified across the value chain include Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd., Chemplast Sanmar Ltd., Olin Corporation, Solvay SA, AGC Chemicals, Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd., Hefei TNJ Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd., ZhengZhou Sino Chemical Co.,Ltd., SRF Limited, Welychem Co. Ltd.

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