December 10, 2019

Ethyl Silicate Market Revenue To Record Stellar Growth Rate During 2019 – 2029

Global Cationic Dyes Market: Introduction

The dyes which can be dissociated into positively charged ions in aqueous solution are known as cationic dyes. The cationic dyes interact with the negative group of the fiber molecules which forms a salt which leads to the formation of strong bond and thus the fiber is dyed with the help of cationic dyes. Cationic dyes are also known as basic dyes, and when dissolved in water cationic dyes acts like base. Cationic dyes forms bright shades with high tinctorial values, on fabric and textile materials. Cationic dyes are mainly used on acrylic fibers. They can also be used for dyeing and printing of polyester along with anionic modified synthetic fibers. Cationic dyes also find their application in dyeing of silk and wool fiber. But mainly cationic dyes are considered as dedicated dyes for acrylic fibers.

Cationic dyes are available in in powder as well as liquid form. Commercially cationic dyes are synthesized by condensation or by azo coupling reactions. Cationic dyes are not used on the cotton fibers as there is neither significant affinity nor there is planar structure. Cationic dyes are commercially available in numerous colors, shades and also poses fluorescent nature. Cationic dyes show strong affinity towards wool, silk and acrylic fibers, but have no affinity towards cellulosic. By using modifiers cationic dyes can be used for dyeing of cellulosic. Cationic dyes are considered to be economical which makes them a popular choice in the textile as well as dyeing industry.

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Global Cationic Dyes Market: Dynamics

Ever increasing population growth has up surged in the consumption of clothing’s, which in turn has resulted into the growth of textile industry. Growing textile industry is prime factor influencing the cationic dyes market growth. Changing lifestyle and varying fashion trends across the globe has increased the textile consumption, which in turn is expected to drive the demand for cationic dyes. The economic cost of cationic dyes and its wide shade range with high tinctorial strength is estimated to have positive impact on the global cationic dyes market. Increasing disposable income, rising demand for athleisure and increasing fashion awareness are few of the other factors which will positively influence the growth of cationic dyes market. Increased awareness environmental awareness owing to the rising pollution and increasing number stringent regulation on dumping of effluents might hamper the market growth of cationic dyes market.

Global Cationic Dyes Market: Segmentation

The global cationic dyes market can be segmented on the basis of its form, product type, connection type, by manufacturing process type and on the basis of application:

The global cationic dyes market is segmented on the basis of its form:

  • Powder
  • Liquid

The global cationic dyes market is segmented on the basis of its product type:

  • Azo dyes
  • Triarylmethane dyes
  • Anthraquinone dyes
  • Heterocyclic compounds

The global cationic dyes market is segmented on the basis of connection type:

  • Conjugated
  • Isolated

The global cationic dyes market is segmented on the basis of its manufacturing process:

  • Condensation reaction
  • Azo coupling reaction

The global cationic dyes market is segmented on the basis of its application:

  • Acrylic fibers
  • Polyester fibers
  • Anionic Modified Synthetic fibers
  • Others (Wool, Silk)

Global Cationic Dyes Market: Regional Outlook

Regions such as Europe Asia Pacific and Latin America have a dominant share in global textile productions. Especially countries like China, India, Bangladesh, and European Union countries, Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico are leading textile manufacturers, which make these regions prominent market for cationic dyes. Textile industries are growing in the regions such as Middle East and Africa, owing to this region can be considered as potential market for cationic dyes. As compared to others North America has moderately growing textile industry by making it steady regional market for cationic dyes.

Global Cationic Dyes Market: Key Participants

Examples of some of the market participants operating in the global cationic dyes market are:

  • CHT Group
  • Colorquip
  • Dayglo Color Corporation
  • Huntsman International LLC
  • Jin-Jinag Chemical Dyestuff Co., Ltd.
  • K. DYE Chem
  • Polysciences, Inc.
  • Pylam Products Company, Inc.
  • Rugao Xingwu Chemical Co.,Ltd.
  • SETA?
  • Yogesh Dyestuff Products Private Limited

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