Profit and crypto. Part one. HatiKO bot.

Recently, I discovered the cryptocurrency market. Trading on the stock market and cryptocurrency are two different things. Everything is on the fund as if by notes, but here - trading is so hot that it can be compared with the birth of the Universe :) Hence there are many ways / strategies that work well, but not so much time has passed that they prove their profitability.

Over the course of a few years, a host of different tools for crypto trading have appeared. Something works, something doesn't. I tried a lot of things during this time. Talking about how good or bad this works is not a thankful task. It’s best to try it yourself. I decided to make walkthroughs for those tools that help me earn money.

I will start with trading robots that are affordable and tested with my own money.

And the first one will be the bot, which made + 91% profit to its deposit in the tournament, 250+ traders participated in it. He became #5 in the overall standings and #1 among the bots!

HatiKO trading cryptobot first time launch guide

1. What is a cryptobot?
2. What is needed to trade HatiKO bot?
3. Installing and starting VDS
4. Installing the .NET Framework 4.7.2+
5. General HatiKO Settings
6. Set up a profitable strategy
7. My personal tips
8. Setting up and starting HatiKO trading
9. Control via Telegram

1. What is a cryptobot?

Cryptocurrency bot, cryptobot - a program that runs on a computer and works through API keys with your account on the exchange. There are bots that work “in the cloud,” but not about them today.
In the case of HatiKO, this is an exe file that does not require installation. The bot can work on almost any Windows OS, on all modern ones - for sure. But it is better to run bots not on home computers, but on a remote server. Now you can get the required VDS for only $ 3 per month.

2. What is needed to trade HatiKO bot?

HatiKO trades on your BitMEX account. For managing it will need API keys. Creating them is easy, there are many instructions on the Internet.

3. Installing and starting VDS

First we start the Windows server. The bot will work on it.
We go to any site of a suitable service, for example, register.
The most economical Micro is suitable for us, the price is now $ 2.99 per month. OS choose Windows Web Server 2012 or 2008.

To log in from your PC to a remote server, you need to configure a regular RDP connection. For Mac / iPad / iOS, Parallels will work.
We start the server for the first time, minimize the server management window, which immediately pops up to start the system. This is a regular PC Desktop.

4. Installing the .NET Framework 4.7.2+

The standard Windows package is located on the official Microsoft website and is available at this link. Later versions can also be used.
After installation, Windows restart is not required.

5. General HatiKO Settings

Download HatiKO bot. The latest version is always available at this link. This is a single .exe file. When loading standard Internet Explorer, you will need to confirm your actions several times, this is normal. We immediately place the file in a convenient place, for example, in C:\mybot1. The bot doesn't need installation, so just open it. The first time Windows usually warns that a file is from the Internet, etc. Confirm the launch and remove the checkmark from the confirmation each time the file is launched (there are differences in different operating systems at this point).

The bot's interface looks like this (may differ in newer versions).

Open Other Settings:

For convenience, we arbitrarily call our bot in the HatiKO Name field
- take the generated API keys from your exchange account and enter them in the APIKEY and APISECRET fields
In a license version the control function via Telegram is available, and if you plan to purchase a license, then:
- activate the Use Telegram Bot checkbox
- insert the token of the bot you created (please watch guide here)
- create a password for access to your bot in Telegram, such as not to be forgotten and specify in the Pass field
- if the bot is launched from the country where Telegram is blocked, then configure Proxy. All details are below.
- activate the checkbox Don't send overloads if you do not want to receive messages about exchange overload
- Random delay on update chart data - allows you to set in seconds the spread in this interval of data updates. Actual for multiple bot copies on one server
- in the License field, insert the received key, if you have not received it yet - leave the field as is
- Update button starts checking the latest version and updating the bot. Stop trading, update and launch - everything is done with one click! Near the link where the bot is downloaded. So far, only Yandex file hosting is used, so users from Ukraine may have difficulties without VPN / proxy
- activate Hide in Tray checkbox, if you want to minimize the bot in the clock tray
- Gen autostart bat file - click to create a special file that is used to start HatiKO. I’m telling you with confidence - you do not need autorun if the server itself is working stably
- click Apply to save all this or Cancel to discard all changes

What needs to be done to connect the HatiKO Telegram bot?

Find @BotFather in Telegram app and get the token that you will need to enter in HatiKO-> OtherSettings in the Token field:

Open Other Settings and in the Pass field set any password to access the Telegram bot.
Click on the Save button.
If everything is ok, the window will close and the bot will be ready to start. Check the connection status in HatiKO bottom line.

If from the country (server or your PC) where HatiKO is running Telegram is blocked - for example, Russia - then you need to configure the proxy.
The data is entered in the corresponding Proxy field.
HatiKO supports HTTPS and SOCKS5 proxies.
Proxy input format: {proxy Type}: {ip}: {port}
For example: socks5: 1080 or https: 8080
Check proxy quality periodically!

We also recommend using TOR as a proxy.

- download TOR Browser and run.
- in HatiKO in the Proxy field, write: socks5: 9150
All is ready! Don't close TOR :)
P.S. TOP port may vary. 9150 default. If it doesn’t work, then look in the network settings of the TOP browser. The socks5 Proxy field will indicate the required port.

After setting, click Start.
Since the trade has not yet been configured, the bot will not start it, but in the upper panel you will see your Bitmex ID, license or its absence (SUBSCRIBER / TRIAL) the last day of the licence and the version of the bot.

Full bot functionality can still be tested for free! Please write to us!

To do this, write about it @hatiko_owner or @hatikoadmin and send your Bitmex ID. I highly recommend it, because the licensed version and trial are trading in different ways, of course. And all the possibilities will become available.
Paste the received key in the License field and do not forget to Save.

Now we are ready to launch HatiKO!
But before that, let's first set it up so that it brings good profit.

6. Set up a profitable strategy

To check the profitability of the settings, it is possible to conduct a backtest, in other words, to find out how your deposit would change if you launched a bot with these or those settings in the past.
To do this, go to, register. For basic settings and the selection of good strategies, a free account is enough.
Click Chart and get into the main window.

At the top left is the chart code loaded by default, this is AAPL (Apple):

We are looking for one of the Bitmex futures in which you are going to trade in this field. For example, it is XRPZ19 / XRPH20 or something actual:

After loading the chart, click on Indicators & Strategies...

... find the Hut_HUT strategy of Crazy_HuT and add it to the chart:

How are the best settings? This is not an easy question :) You can ask about it in our Telegram chat. In order to be able to select good settings, you need to at least know about each parameter and understand what effect each of them has.

For your quick start, I will share my experience with you.

7. Here are my personalized tips:

  • test at distances of six months or more
  • test on different timeframes. Several options are available on the free TradingView account, but they are enough for beginners. You can start with 1H, as the most convenient for selection (see screenshot above)
  • if the pair does not have such a trading history, then for the test it is permissible to replace it with similar pairs of other exchanges, but this will cause some accuracy to be lost
  • in the strategy settings, configure price verification for the execution of limit orders. To do this, on the Properties tab, in the Verify price for limit orders field, specify the value 1 (tick)
  • profit is the main thing. But it is also important - the values ​​of drawdown, profit factor and the number of transactions
  • first, work with lots of no more than 100. Remember, three shifts of 100 each are already x3 leverage in this strategy. So, to reset your balance, the price needs to change by about 30%. If there are two pairs with these settings at the same time, then in the most adverse situation, 15% of the quote move in the wrong direction is enough. The bot interface displays Total active lots size Max - this is the calculation of the maximum possible total lot size for all setups, taking into account the value of the open position limiter. For an accurate understanding, learn how the liquidation price of BitMEX is calculated
  • the distance between the shifts in normal settings is at least 2, and the third shift is usually no closer than 10 / -10. But it all depends on the specific tasks and risks that you are ready for
  • experiment with the type of candles using not only universal ohlc4
  • the less backtest drawdown, the better. If the drawdown (at any moment) has reached 25% - this is the reason to reconsider the settings. If the drawdown is close to 50% - the risk of liquidation is very high
  • Profit Factor is a conditional tuning efficiency factor. Try to make it reach 3 or more
  • (checked in the bot) try to ensure that the free margin after placing all bot orders is 30% or more. If not, choose other settings or reduce the number of pairs traded.
  • the minimum deposit size is calculated based on the number of shifts, lot size and also the minimum lot size that the exchange does not consider as a spam order, this is 0.0025. Based on the recommendations above, trade a deposit of at least 0.005 BTC.

8. Setting up and starting HatiKO trading

So, you have selected the settings for several pairs and saved the values.
We return to the bot and put everything in the appropriate fields. We do this for each pair that you are going to trade. Remember that for Long, shifts will have negative values, and for Short, on the contrary, positive.

Let's set up the bot for each pair:
- the order of placing orders. The available options are Always, Position open (after triggering shift 1, i.e. opening a deal) after shift 2 or shift 3. If the value of any shift = 0, then it is not put up on the exchange. Remember that gradually placing orders releases more margin.

- stoploss. Shift4 can work with the next shift or stop loss (with an active checkmark), that is, the value of the deviation of the rate from the price of opening a position at which the transaction ends on the market. I remind you, if the value of any shift = 0, then it is not set.

- checkmark Lot Size is %, if the lot is set as % of the deposit. Otherwise, in BTC
- recommended setting Passive open - active checkmark
- recommended setting Passive close - inactive checkmark
- the Only open position checkbox allows the bot to open a position, but doesn't close it. For those who want to close a position manually
- you can set the closing MA different from the opening MA, by checking the boxes on Mode Close MA. Then, as for MA opening, select the type of candles MA type and the Close MA Lenght, set its deviation through MA Deviation in %
- the Place orders only from near side checkbox allows placing orders only from the nearest side to the price at which a transaction can be opened. This saves margin. We can set a “flip” of these orders if the difference is at least the specified %, Flip orders if difference from ...%

Actually, the bot settings:

- the checkmark Enable Opened Position Limit activates the limitation of the number of simultaneously open positions on the account. I recommend setting the value 2 later, and first only 1
- the checkmark Allow only bot positions allows you to open deals only to the bot on your account. All other deals will be closed immediately
- the checkbox Stop Trading Timer if Stoploss executed (minutes) allows you to pause trading for a given time if a stop loss on any pair has worked. It is useful if in a turbulent market your trades are often closed by stop orders. A good choice is 5 minutes
- Use margin balance to calculate lot size - activating this checkbox will allow to take into account the margin when calculating lot sizes

You can manually manage orders directly in the bot interface (only after the bot starts and orders appear on the exchange):

Available actions are:
Open limit to close position - open a limit order to close a position
Close position by market - close a position at a market price
Cancel Bot Orders - cancel bot orders or one specific one (Cancel Order)
Cancel Market - cancellation of all orders for the selected pair
For the four actions above, you must first select a specific line in the window.
Cancel All Orders - cancel all your orders on the exchange
When canceling orders, if trading is active, they are immediately placed again. By the way, most of these actions can be done directly in the telegram bot (available with a license).

Saving settings is made so that you do not lose a single change!

All changes are saved and applied "in hot mode" without stopping trading, after switching from pair to pair. When you close the bot, you also do not lose the current settings.
Want to turn off an unnecessary trading pair? Just uncheck it and return if desired. If you want to remove a setting, select it and click Remove.
Click Save/Apply to get your settings "in hot mode" and save them.

Check every set carefully again. And click Start.

If you have a telegram bot connected, until then activate it, enter the requested password and it will notify you about Hatiko launch.
At the top of the bot, follow the Avaliable Margin value, after placing orders it should be at least the very recommended 30% of the Balance value:

Also here is the XBT rate, the balances in USD, instant and marginal. Unrealised PNL, of course, summary information about open positions and its result in a moment.
At the very bottom you can see:
- Connection Status with cryptocurrency exchanges
- API requests last hour - the number of requests to the exchange in the last hour
- Orders created today - the number of placed orders for today
- Telegram BOT - connection status with messenger servers

Do you see any errors? All orders placed?
Congratulations! Trading successfully started!

See this screenshot please. Highlighted areas are signs of normal trading process:

On the exchange you can see how fast the bot monitors the situation on the market and restores the orders that I specifically canceled manually. Check out the speed!

9. Control via Telegram

It's time to look into the telegram bot. The option is available if you have the full version - a free test or license.
Everything is very clear in the menu, so I will note the most important functions:

  • all information about trading on the account, statistics for the current month
  • cancellation of orders - only bot's or all of them
  • start and stop trading
  • activation of turned off pairs and deactivation of turned
  • trading settings information
  • HatiKO one-touch update "over the air" (!!!)

I don’t know how long it will take you to make a purchase decision. A few days of testing were enough for me, the market was volatile and I had quite successful deals.

In general, it’s very convenient to use, everything works stably and - most importantly - brings PROFIT.

Very soon, free access to full functionality will end, so my advice is - come on, test it now!

So I wish you all X10 profit!

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