June 10, 2021

FBC_xstarty moo.nasecrast.youngh

Previous parsing of this family of applications (FBC_xstarty)


The analysis is shown using the moo.nasecrast.youngh application as an example.

Traffic capturing showed the initial link and hop chain. In the traffic analyzer the chain of conversions looks like this:

Traffic analyzer screenshot

The complete chain of transitions looks like this:

  1. https://giveus.party/pNk2rvKG?af_media_source=null&af_track_id=moo.nasecrast.youngh__1623342416453-9012416163119351911__c01167bf-7a2f-4040-ab40-974196c0c32a
  2. https://zenetmark.com/click.php?key=0scfxqbx3zsiy2el6fof&bundle=moo.nasecrast.youngh
  3. https://1partners.link/1casino-maxbonus/?refcode=046389d0-d645-42ae-82e3-cbd01c636f0f&clickid=f6cffh9a5fne27

The process of traffic analysis looks like this:

Traffic analysis video

With an initial link in the https://giveus.party/ chain, you can move on to code analysis.

Screenshot of the code using the initial link


The result of the analysis is YARA rules based on the links found and the strings unique to this type of application.

Yara rules: https://pastebin.com/ntN3RU0d

Password: xNmBr87sdM