June 9, 2021

How To Save Money By Ordering Cleaning

If you use household appliances correctly, much less electricity will be spent. This means that the cost of housing and communal services will be reduced. Considering that in the modern world, almost every type of cleaning in the house has its own car. Also, if you need a special type of cleaning for which you need a highly professional technique, then you can contact a cleaning company that has a lot of professional equipment in stock.

  • Vacuum cleaner

It is worth considering that a vacuum cleaner filled with dust consumes 30-50% more electricity than an empty one. Therefore, to save money, it should be cleaned regularly.
If the room is not very large, and there are no carpets, you can not use a vacuum cleaner at all, but limit yourself to washing the floors. A broom will work for larger debris. If you use small rugs in the hallway or living room, bedroom, it is convenient to buy one that can be washed in a machine or by hand.

  • Dishwasher

The same method works for dishwashing. Two or three plates are fairly easy to hand wash. And to make the task easier, it is better to soak them in hot water. Good savings when washing a large number of appliances. After all, it uses one stream of water, which it cleans through its own filters. And its power is enough to wash plates, glasses, spoons and pots at once. For example, for the number of dishes from 12-14 sets, the machine will spend from 14 to 18 liters of water. A manual sink will require 60 liters. And when fully loaded, it saves a lot more energy.

  • Washer
  1. Drum volume. The washing machine also uses less water when fully loaded. Therefore, when buying, pay attention, first of all, to the volume of the drum. It depends on the number of people. For two or three, up to 3 kg is suitable, for four or five - up to 4.5–5 kg, for large families from seven people a load of up to 6–7 kg is suitable.
  2. For less energy consumption, you can set a shorter program that suits the laundry.
  3. The higher the water temperature, the more energy is spent on heating it. An interesting fact is that at 40 degrees, the powder dissolves better and, as a result, washes the laundry.
  4. Both washing machines and dishwashers consume much less electricity at night than during the day. Therefore, it is better to turn them on after 23.00.

How to save money by ordering cleaning

Another effective way to benefit from cleaning is to order it from the professionals of the cleaning company. This will save you not only money, but also time. After all, the cost of their services is low. And quality will be much more effective than your own efforts.
Moreover, almost every company offers a convenient system of discounts, gifts, bonuses and coupons. They expect the client to come back repeatedly and recommend them to their friends. Of course, it is in the interests of the cleaning staff to provide quality service and please the customer with low prices.