July 19, 2020

Angioplasty Balloons & Stents Market to Observe Strong Development by 2027

Complications with Existing Treatments to Drive Innovations

The healthcare sector is no stranger to innovations and technological advancements. Research and development activities continue to improve the efficacy of treatments and bring forward new therapies to treat a range of diseases. Over the past couple of decades, minimally invasive procedures have gained a great amount of popularity within the healthcare sector. A similar trend can be observed within the angioplasty balloons & stents market as the adoption of minimally invasive procedures is on the rise, particularly among patients who have been diagnosed with coronary heart diseases or experienced a heart attack.

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At present, healthcare experts are focusing on minimizing the complications involved with the percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) by leveraging the benefits of technology that continue to improve the effectiveness and safety of these treatments. The advent of different types of stents coupled with technological progress is likely to play an important role in boosting the growth of the market for angioplasty balloons & stents during the forecast period. Companies operating in the current market landscape are also expected to focus on the development of scaffold designs, use of dual antiplatelet therapy, and delivery of anti-proliferative agents have played an important role in minimizing the stent thrombosis and restenosis rates. Complications involved with the existing angioplasty balloons and stents are anticipated to drive innovations in the angioplasty balloons & stents market that is expected to reach ~US$ 9 Bn by 2027.

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Noteworthy Developments in Coronary Stent Technology to Augment Market

Since its introduction in the 1970s, coronary artery balloon angioplasty has emerged as one of the most effective and ideal alternative treatment to the coronary artery bypass surgery. With significant progress in scaffold designs and promising outcomes from research & development, the global angioplasty balloons & stents market is expected to witness steady growth in the coming years. Bioabsorbable stent scaffolds are increasingly being used worldwide and are predominantly made from bioabsorbable polymer backbone and polymer coating of poly-D and L-lactide, which is an anti-proliferative drug. Over the years, this stent type has gained a considerable amount of popularity, as it has offered imaging and clinical results that are similar to that of traditional drug eluting stents (DES). Several companies within the angioplasty balloons & stents market are rolling out different types of stents to gain an edge in the current market landscape. For instance, the IDEAL BDS stent introduced by Bioabsorbable Therapeutics consists of salicylic acid and polyanhydride ester– ingredients that contain anti-inflammatory and antiproliferative elements.

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Drug-eluting stents are expected to remain the most popular product type within the angioplasty balloons and stents. Owing to research and advancements in technology, the demand for drug-eluting balloons has witnessed considerable growth in recent times– a trend set to continue during the forecast period. As the adoption of balloon angioplasty continues to rise, the demand for the drug-eluting balloon is experiencing a considerable surge as well. Drug-eluting balloons are increasingly being used in the treatment for coronary vessels with small diameter. Moreover, drug-eluting balloons also enable the efficient application of anti-proliferative agents particularly during barotrauma due to which the adoption of metal scaffolds is expected to take a hit. Studies have revealed that balloon angioplasty procedures are as effective as Paclitaxel-eluting drug-eluting stents and notably better than traditional balloon angioplasty.

Research and Development Continue to Trigger New Innovations and Treatment Techniques

Research and development activities are driving the healthcare sector, as new treatments, therapies, and medication are increasingly being used to address problems related to small blocked arteries. Recent studies that are investigating different treatment types have revealed that the removable balloon has exhibited the same levels of effectiveness as that of permanent stent implants, especially to open up small blocked arteries. Experts operating in the angioplasty balloons & stents market are of the opinion that drug-coated balloon angioplasty could potentially become the gold standard treatment for small blocked arteries. However, with added research, newer alternatives could enter the angioplasty balloons & stents market during the forecast period. Over the past few years, vendors in the angioplasty balloons & stents market are focusing on the development of improved stent technologies for the treatment of peripheral artery diseases.

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