August 3, 2020

Metagenomics Market : Global Forecast Over 2030

Metagenomics Analysis Platforms Play Pivotal Role in Matching COVID-19 Genomes

Economic activities in the metagenomics market are pacing up due to an unprecedented demand for COVID-19 (coronavirus) drug and vaccine discovery. Scientists have joined forces with metagenomics companies in order to provide tools and information that help if tackling the novel coronavirus. As such, companies in the metagenomics market are increasing their attention toward RNA sequencing-based data. Global leaders in next-generation sequencing services are adopting metagenomics detection of SARS-CoV-2 to effectively manage and analyze possible outcomes of the infection.

Metagenomics analysis platforms are gaining increased popularity in order to conduct metagenomics sequencing. Companies are experimenting with different algorithms for matching the closest genome to the novel coronavirus. They are conducting phylogenetic research to accelerate processes in the genomics community.

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Metagenomics Sequencing Gold Standard for Diagnosis of Neuroinfectious Diseases

Metagenomics next generation sequencing is playing an instrumental role in the diagnosis of meningitis and encephalitis. The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) states that metagenomics sequencing is proving its utility in diagnosis of the most challenging cases of neuroinfectious diseases. Companies in the metagenomics market are increasing efforts to collect and analyze samples in real time in order to improve clinical outcomes.

A comprehensive read of the DNA and RNA in clinical samples is becoming possible with metagenomics sequencing. Companies in the metagenomics market are conducting bioinformatic comparison of the DNA and RNA samples with the publicly available databases to seek answers for agents responsible for the progression of neuroinfectious diseases. Metagenomics sequencing is being highly publicized in the healthcare landscape, since there is a high prevalence of infectious diseases that result in meningitis or encephalitis in individuals.

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Drug Discovery and Soil Health Assessment Broaden Revenue Streams for Research Companies

The revenue of drug discovery is slated to witness huge leap from ~22% in 2019 and reach ~26% by the end of 2030 in the metagenomics market. Hence, research companies are adopting metagenomics medicine mapping systems in order to advance in the field of drug discovery. On the other hand, metagenomics is playing a pivotal role in the assessment of soil health and freshwater quality. These domains are broadening revenue streams for companies in the metagenomics market. Unprecedented environmental events and impact on the biodiversity are key drivers favoring market growth.

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Innovative Bioinformatics Tools Help Overcome Bottlenecks of Complex Unassembled Reads

Apart from drug discovery and clinical diagnostics, companies in the metagenomics market are increasing their focus in food genomics in order to broaden their revenue streams. As such, food & beverages are estimated to dictate the third-highest revenue among all applications in the metagenomics market. The growing demand for safe food production and preservation is creating incremental opportunities for companies in the market for metagenomics.

Striking the right balance between food enzymes and microbes is becoming the key focus point for research labs and healthcare companies in order to ensure safe food production and preservation. Hence, companies are increasing their R&D activities in food microbiology. As stated by molecular biologist Dr. Nur Hasan from CosmosID— a leading next generation sequencing services company, placing together complex unassembled reads and the lack of comprehensive databases are some of the bottlenecks that researchers face in the field of food quality and safety. Hence, providers of end-to-end microbiome platforms are increasing efforts to develop integrated platforms with innovative bioinformatics tools that facilitate ultra-fast metagenomics analysis.

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