August 3, 2020

Medical Nonwoven Disposables Market Expected to Witness a Sustainable Growth by 2028

COVID-19 Spurs Demand for Nonwoven Face Masks and Other Medical Disposable Products

Recent outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus epidemic) has created an unprecedented demand for nonwoven-based facemasks. Existing fear of infectious diseases such as SARS and H1N1 continues to drive the medical nonwoven disposables market. Fighting infection has become one of the key focus points for healthcare providers, as nonwovens help to keep costs at bay. Moreover, guidelines issued by the WHO under the Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) program are creating awareness among users to practice hygiene on a personal level. This is evident since the revenue of consumer & home healthcare end user segment of the medical nonwoven disposables market is projected to grow exponentially during the forecast period.

Nonwoven face masks and other medical nonwoven disposable products are being pervasively used in hospitals and nursing homes in the light of the coronavirus epidemic. Thus, analysts of Transparency Market Research (TMR) opine that the market for medical nonwoven disposables will continue to grow, owing to the high prevalence of infectious diseases.

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Single-use Materials Gain Popularity as Economical Solution in Repeated Wash Applications

Nonwoven materials are increasingly replacing traditional reusable materials in gowns and drapes. As such, the revenue of polypropylene is predicted to increase throughout the forecast period and the market for medical nonwoven disposables is expected to reach a value of ~US$ 20 Bn by the end of 2028. Moreover, single-use materials are easy-to-use, safe to dispose, and serve as an economical solution to healthcare providers and consumers. The medical nonwoven disposables market continues to grow, as companies tap opportunities by increasing the production of wipes.

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Though reusable materials are constantly evolving, patients and healthcare providers are favoring disposable gowns and drapes, owing to their attributes of being more solid, reliable, and having reproducible bacterial impermeability. As such, drapes and gowns surgical products are leading in the market landscape. Hence, manufacturers in the medical nonwoven disposables market are increasing R&D to make products that are lightweight and accelerate healing. Medical nonwoven disposable products play a pivotal role in frequent wetting or repeated wash applications.

Development of Wipes Made from Bio-based Polymers

Spunlace materials are a novel introduction in the medical nonwoven disposables market. Manufacturers are increasing their production capabilities to develop greener wipes that reduce environmental footprint. However, material suppliers need to identify more sustainable and low-price polymers that help to reduce the cost of end-use products. Hence, equipment suppliers in the market for medical nonwoven disposables must innovate with new raw materials that improve production processes, resulting in increased availability of low-cost and sustainable products.

Due to the ever-increasing global population, companies in the medical nonwoven disposables market are scaling value-grab opportunities by increasing the production of ‘sensitive’ products such as baby wipes. They are increasing the efforts to market these products attributing to no fragrance, no alcohol, and as hypoallergenic products. Companies in the market for medical nonwoven disposables are increasingly focusing on lyocell-based nonwovens that address consumer demands for environmentally sustainable products. Breakthrough innovations are paving the way for baby wipes made from bio-based polymers.

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Innovations in New Materials Help to Bolster Market Growth

The total consumption of nonwovens in medical applications is growing at a rapid pace. Apart from drapes and gowns, companies in the medical nonwoven disposables market are gauging incremental opportunities by developing implantables, sutures, and blood filters from nonwovens. Moreover, the revenue of medical nonwovens for wound care applications is estimated to surge aggressively in the market landscape. On the other hand, high prevalence of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) is driving the growth for the medical nonwoven disposables market.

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