IoT in Healthcare: A Booming Trend to Enter the Billion Dollar League

The adoption of IoT in Healthcare technology is constantly increasing with the increased demand for cost-effective healthcare facilities and better patient care. The continuous growth of the Sector is attributed to the increasing adoption of smart devices and improving IoT infrastructure worldwide.

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The IoT in Healthcare helps in delivery of healthcare facilities through improved communication, between patients and healthcare providers, via connected medical devices. IoT in Healthcare enable the stakeholders particularly, providers and patients, to enhance patient care, reduce costs related to healthcare, reduction in errors, improved patient experience, and improved patient outcomes along with better disease management. IoT in Healthcare solutions and services are replacing the tradition diagnosis and treatment procedures with advanced technology.

The IoT in Healthcare Sector is constantly growing with medical devices and pharmaceutical companies either competing with each other or collaborating with tech companies to offer enhanced and advanced solutions. The rising incidences of chronic diseases and number of elderly population along with the need to reduce the costs associated with healthcare is expected to drive the IoT in Healthcare Industry growth.

The adoption of IoT in Healthcare solution is witnessing a high growth and increasing need for integration and connectivity tools in escalating operations of healthcare organizations are the factors driving the growth of IoT in Healthcare market. The constantly decreasing costs of sensors embedded in these devices have resulted in falling prices of connected devices and hence, the adoption of connected medical devices have further increased.

These devices connected to the internet and enable the healthcare professionals to get real-time information regarding patients’ health and helps in efficient monitoring. Furthermore, these devices send alerts to the nearby hospital in case of any emergency. Also, connected medical devices save lengthy communicating process between patients and healthcare providers. The valuable data recorded in the cloud through these devices helps in better diagnosis and analysis thereby, improving patients’ care. This trend is expected to further increase the growth of IoT in Healthcare Sector.