AIIMS Delhi to Deploy Robots to Fight with Novel Corona

To control the spread of infection among doctors and minimize frequent contact with corona infected patients, hospitals across the globe have been turning to robotics.

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AIIMS, Delhi has decided to test a 92cm tall robot called Humanoid ELF in the covid-19 wards. Humanoid ELF is having ability to travel at the speed of 2.9 KMPH. It can also help in recording all hospital activities with 3D cameras which can help doctors for remote patient monitoring.

Humanoid ELF can also used for communication in between Doctors and Patients. Even It can help Patients to talk with their family members via Video Calling.

Special Funtions

*Remote Patient Monitoring


*Floor Cleaning

*Sanitise the Floors without Human Intervention

*Disinfecting Wards and Assisting Patients

*Lot of Medical Sensors Inbuilt