Leech therapy for skin – The best treatment for skin diseases.

We will discuss “Leech therapy for skin”. Our skin is one of the largest and heaviest organs of the body which weighs about four to five kg. It is not uniformly thick. In some places it is thick and in some places it is thin. The average thickness of the skin on our body is considered about 1 to 2 mm.


in a few parts of the body like in the sole of the foot; palm of the hand and in the interscapular region, the thickness is about measuring about 5 mm. In other areas of the body, the skin is thin like over eyelids and penis; the thickness of the skin is about measuring 0.5 mm only.

Functions of skin

The primary function of the skin is the protection of the organs. It also many functions which are as follows:-

Protective function

The skin on our body forms the covering layer on all the organs and protects these organs from the following:

  • Bacteria and toxic substances from outside
  • Mechanical blow (injury)
  • Ultraviolet rays (UV rays of the sun)

Protection of skin from Bacteria and Toxic Substances: –

Skin covers all the organs of our body and protects our organs from direct contact with the external environment which causes diseases. Thus we can say that it prevents bacterial infection. Lysozyme secreted by our skin destroys the bacteria’s prevent on the skin.

Keratinized stratum corneum which is the layer of the epidermis is responsible for the protective function of the skin. This layer also provides protection against toxic chemicals like acids and alkalis which come in contact with our skin. If the skin is injured, infection occurs due to the invasion of bacteria from the external environment.

Protection from Mechanical Blow: –

Skin is not tightly placed over the underlying organs or tissues. It is somewhat loose and moves over the underlying subcutaneous tissues. So, the mechanical pressure caused by any blow to the skin is not transmitted to the underlying tissues of the skin.

Protection from Ultraviolet Rays: –

The skin protects the body from ultraviolet rays of sunlight. Exposure of our skin to sunlight or to any other source of ultraviolet rays increases the production of melanin pigment in our skin which is responsible for hyperpigmentation.

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