What is Digital Genome Engineering?

Digital genome is a technology which deals with the genes and their functions to help to find the causes behind the chronic diseases and also to fix them. Digital genome is a complete digital set of genetic material that present in an organism or a cell. The technology is associated with the advancements that helps to make healthcare more personal and more effective for the treatment. Moreover, the digital genome is an easier way to gathering the information about the chronic disease. The technology is used by the professionals to get a closer look of genetic composed diseases, such as cancer. A digital genome act as a supporter that enables instant access to trait combinations to solve apparently endless custom queries.

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New genome engineering technologies, like CRISPR-Cas9, are revolutionising how we think about genetics. The ability to make targeted changes to a living cell’s genome has huge implications in fields like precision health, agriculture and biosecurity.

But genomes are big, and everyone's is different. How do you design a tailored approach for a specific genome? How do you know where to target amongst the billion bases in a human genome?

Every genome is unique, which presents challenges for the wide-spread application of genome engineering technologies.

Many of our most intractable health challenges, from heart disease to cancer, have a genetic component. Indeed, cancer is best described as a disease of the genome. With digitization, doctors will be able to make decisions about a patient’s cancer treatment informed by a tumour’s genetic make-up. This new knowledge is also making precision medicine a reality by enabling the development of highly targeted therapies that offer the potential for improved treatment outcomes, especially for patients battling cancer.

Like all personal information, a person’s digital genome will need to be safeguarded for privacy reasons. Personal genomic profiling has already raised challenges, with regard to how people respond to a clearer understanding of their risk of genetic disease, and how others – such as employers or insurance companies – might want to access and use the information. However, the benefits are likely to outweigh the risks, because individualized treatments and targeted therapies can be developed with the potential to be applied across all the many diseases that are driven or assisted by changes in DNA.

key 10 digital genome manufacturing companies

Thermo Fisher Scientific, QIAGEN, GenomeMe, Umbel, BiogeniQ, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, NanoString Technologies, Illumina,BD, bioMérieux SA

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