November 25, 2020

Würzburg I

25 December 2020

Würzburg, where I live, but not home...

I think he is from Würzburg, he mixes good right?

I thought there was no much here, small city, but I was mistaken, lets see...

Uhh, yes I was mistaken, these 3 guys make really good music,
Not what I would listen normally but I would pay to see them live.

Smooth, smooth af

Years of not listening to hardcore, and this brings me good memories from bevore =)
Seems all media profiles are dead =(

"Minimalismus und Radikalrock"
A concert may be lots of fun

I love instrumental, this one it's a bit energetic for me, but worth listening to it

This is getting better and better! Want to go to a show from them!!!!

Finally, some Emo =) and these guys are good...

And tons and tons of dead-metal, not really my thing. Very popular here ha?


CaO*MgO (Single)