How to Get Fake Credit Card for Netflix - updated

Netflix is currently placed among the biggest online video streaming services in the world. It operates worldwide and can be accessed through various multimedia devices, including television, smartphone, and even game console.

Subscribers are given access to enjoy its vast library of television series and blockbuster movies. In the last few years, it even started producing its own contents. In order to get Netflix’s services, customer needs to pay a monthly subscribing fee.

Fake Credit Card for Netflix 2020

The company offers limited free trial period though, for potential subscribers. This is the reason why people are starting to look for a fake credit card for Netflix 2020. How important is credit card during the process of creating a Netflix account and requesting for a free trial?

During the registration step, a new subscriber will be asked to provide valid credit card information. Once the trial period has ended, the subscribing fee will be automatically charged to the subscriber’s credit card if the trial period is not canceled way beforehand. For obvious reasons, some people are reluctant to share credit card information. There are ways to work around this system.

Before learning some options for a fake credit card for Netflix 2020, it would be great to know more about features offered by this streaming service. Netflix provides three plan choices for the customers. Each plan has its own characteristic features. The price for these three plans also varies. Here are three subscribing plans which the user can pick for the free trial.

Basic Plan

This basic plan is perfect for people who live alone, do not have much time to enjoy movies or series, and are reluctant to spend too much on entertainment. Streaming can only be done using one device at a time. The quality of the video is the standard definition or 480 pixels. Even with such limited quality, the user can access all of the contents offered by this media service.

Standard Plan

A step up from the basic plan is the standard plan. It is recommended for couples who may have different tastes in movies. The subscriber can use two multimedia devices to stream video content at a time. The resolution offered by this plan is a high definition of up to 1080 pixels. This plan certainly provides higher quality entertainment than the previous plan.

Premium Plan

If you wish to try out a free trial using a fake credit card for Netflix 2020, this plan should be your choice. It is the most expensive plan that offers top-notch service. Premium Plan allows subscribers to stream videos through four different platforms at a time. The maximum resolution offered is 1080 pixels or high definition. 4K quality is even supported by the premium plan. It is designed for larger families.

Everyone wants to test out free trial offered by this video streaming media. The length of the free trial period is thirty days or a month. It is a nice offer for those who want to see whether Netflix suits them. People who want to try this service for free also get benefitted. Here are the steps to sign up for a trial period of the Netflix video streaming service.

Steps to Sign Up For Trial Period of Netflix

  • Go to the Netflix website by typing on the browser.
  • The user will be directed to the front page. Click on a button named Watch Free for 30 Days.
  • Choose the Netflix plan that the user wants to get by clicking on the button named See the Plans. A pop-up window will appear and the user only needs to tick off between Basic, Standard, and Premium. For the free trial period, the Premium Plan is highly recommended because the user gets the utmost benefits.
  • Click Continue.
  • Type in two login credentials: email address and password.
  • Select the payment method by entering basic credit card information such as credit card number and validity checking.
  • Activate the account by clicking on the confirmation email that will be sent by Netflix to a specified email address.
  • Once the account is already established, the user can immediately utilize it for streaming.

Three days before the free trial expires, Netflix will be sending a reminder for the user. If the user is utilizing real credit card information, it is better to not forget canceling the plan to avoid the charge.

But if the user wrote information on the fake credit cards for Netflix 2020, there is no need to do that because the service cannot charge the user in their real credit card account. Nonetheless, knowledge of the canceling Netflix plan is still really important. Here are the steps to cancel your plan. It is recommended to do it days before the free trial expires.

  • Access Netflix website at
  • Login to the user’s account using a registered email address and password.
  • Go to the “Profile” page.
  • On the left sidebar, there will be a section called Membership & Billing. Click on that sidebar menu.
  • Click on the button called Cancel Membership.
  • These steps do not only apply for a free trial but also paid membership.

Ways to Obtain Fake Credit Card for Netflix 2020

There are some ways in which people can get credit card numbers that are not real for Netflix free trial. User needs to remember one thing, though. The credit card has to be valid. During the registration process, this website will be checking on the validity of the credit card using the Luhn algorithm.

If the credit card is proven to be invalid, registration procedures cannot be completed. Because of that, the user cannot just type down random digits into the available bar. They have to look for a valid credit card number.

When you are trying to get a fake credit card for Netflix 2020, it is also important to remember that this streaming service only accepts payment from three types of credit cards. The credit cards accepted by Netflix are MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

Each of these card types has its own special number characteristics. It is highly suggested to get additional information such as name, address, and CVV when generating credit card numbers. The case is particular for Amex card since it is not easy to cheat on.

Users can generate virtual and valid credit card numbers on these platforms.

1. VCCGenerator

Valid Visa Card Generator to get a valid Visa credit card number, you need to use our Visa card generator. Visa card generator generates customized Visa credit card numbers along with all the proper details of an individual account like Name, Address, Expiration Date, and CVV details.

You can quickly generate the Visa card information using even the 3-digit security code or as we say CVV and CVV2.

Apart from a single Visa card, you can also create multiple Visa credit card numbers using our bulk Visa credit card generator. Each card number will hold a unique set of information, completely random.

2. PayPal Developer

You may not know but you can get fake credit cards for Netflix 2020 from PayPal. It can be obtained through the PayPal Developer. This service is actually provided for the user who is in the step of building an online payment system in their business. It does not mean the valid credit card number cannot be used for this purpose, though. Below is the step-by-step guide to obtaining the credit card number on its website.

  • Go to PayPal Developer’s website by typing on the browser.
  • The user who does not own a PayPal account should register first. It can be done easily for free.
  • Once the account is established, sign in to PayPal using email address and password that have been registered.
  • Head to the “Dashboard” menu.
  • Click on the “Mock” menu.
  • Click on submenu called “Credit Card Generator”.
  • Select credit card details. Remember that there are only three types of credit cards approved by Netflix.
  • Click on “Generate CC”.

3. Wirex

This virtual credit card service can be obtained for free. It also works internationally. The user simply needs to register an account on its website. Here are the steps to do that.

  • Go to Wirex’s website at
  • Click on the button named Open Free Account.
  • Enter information such as name, email address, and password. Click Register.
  • Verify the registered account.
  • Head to “Profile Information” and fill it.
  • Click on the “Order Card” button.
  • Select currency between three options: USD, GBP, and EURO. Click Submit.
  • A virtual credit card number will be made available to the user immediately. It can be used to register for a free trial at Netflix.