July 14, 2020


21 century is time computer innovations. Every day somebody discovering something new and 2020 a lot if people starts actively using distance learning programs. The main reason is that COVID19 and due ti thus disease all of the schools switched to online learning at distance

When are you learning at home you do not waste time and money to riding to school. Learning at distance allows learning any time and any where. But to learning at home it is self learning and material which pupil learns he must do all and he must have a good motivation to learning . And further distance learning does not develop sociability but are you sitting at computer and listening only teacher or are you can speaking but for study. And when you sitting for hours at computer it can negatively affect to your health to for your eyes but are sitting at monitor. And distance learning not affordable and convenient for all pupil but an environment haves poor people who don't have smartphone, computer, laptop or own room or place to learning.

My opinion that offline learning is better option than online learning.And to learning are needed simple books in which information writes brief and clear. About another Kazakh books in which writes data not brief and incomprehensible words. And it is reason to improvement our older than me grandfather books. If books simple self learning Will be simple