Blind Spot: Hitler's Secretary

I started watching the documentary Blind Spot about Traudl Junge, who worked as Hitler's personal secretary.

Early on, she spills the bean on her bourgeoise upbringing.
Her grandfather was General Maximilian Zottmann.
Her grandfather was a General in the German Empire.

Her father Max Humps took part in the Beer Hall Putsch and he was a member of the NSDAP as early as 1922.

Best hall Putsch

Of course, everything else about her dealings with Hitler become obvious.

Wedding to an SS officer

I felt uneasy

Maybe, I was disturbed about how she euphemistically referred to the horror as "Staligrad incident."

People were slaughtered till the end.

One of the horrors of Stalingrad.

Traudl Junge described her interview with Hitler where he asked her to type up something. She has vivid memories of the typewriter. She said it was a silent typewriter. She remembers in the middle of the interview he took a phone call from Ribbentrop.

The 1940s typewriter.

She claims she did not know what they were really upto. But this is where I call her bluff.

His public speech was horrible enough.

He cavalier reference to Stalingrad as almost a euphemism bothers me. What happened in the city was stomach churning.
She uses a euphemism

She is wrapped up in mundane details that the horrors did not register

About eating meals with his secretary

I just can't express my words besides "this feels wrong."

It feels less like regret and more like excuses because of these little things I spot.

The euphemism here... the casual way she ignores the true horror... there is very little talk about the victims.

The most honest answer would be "I didn't realize Hitler was that evil because he didn't say anything that I hadn't heard my circle of family and friends already said. Anti-semitism was so normalized and Jews were demonized"

She either has to indict all of society or herself. She tried to exclupate herself and she had to indict capitalist Weimar Germany in order for it to make sense. But she had no reflections on the kind of societal decay that causes a man like Hitler to seem ordinary.