December 23, 2020

The Press and PKK

Unfortunately, the autonomous Syrian libertarian utopia known as Rojava has seduced the minds and hearts of many young anarchists and hopeless romantics. They claim that Rojava, which occupies a region in northern Syria, is somehow a true vision as depicted by some guy in Vermont called Murray Bookchin.

Further examination in regards to the PKK, Ocalan and Democratic confederalism raises too many questions.

Ocalan's Ideology

Up until 1998, Ocalan's ideology was Marxist-Leninist.

  • He was opposed to Isreal.
  • The PKK fought on behalf of Palestine.
  • Directed most of their militancy towards Turkey.

Ocalan was also protected in Damascus until 1998. After a near threat of war, Syria reluctantly expelled him. In 1999, Turkey prosecuted him. At first sentenced him to death, but in 2004, Turkey outlawed the death penalty. He is sentenced to life in prison.

New York Times op-Ed gave a completely different opinion of the whole situation

Mr. Ocalan has been on a prison island since 1999. For 10 of these years, he was the sole prisoner on this island in Turkey.


Ocalan has limited contact with the outside world. His own lawyers were banned from seeing him for 8 years.

During the time, he was secluded in a Turkish prison, his "ideology" went from Maoist to following some libertarian in Vermont. He has also mysteriously been able to write so many "revolutionary" books from his isolated Prison in Turkey.

Curiously enough, after the Syrian war, the US mysteriously started to promote his books, authored from a prison in Turkey, as some kind of liberation theology.

The successors of Ocalan in PKK have moved from seeking a nation-state from Turkey, to seeking a Nation-state in Northern Syria (which coincidentally lines up with US national security interests).

Now, instead of calling the leader of PKK all sorts of names, US regime-change outlets have been doing thirst pieces about the number of attractive women in the PKK.

Vice is notorious for its regime change propaganda

Trouble in Paradise

of Course, all is not well in paradise. Many former PKK fighters have quit because they have noticed that the new PKK went from being anti-imperial to being one of the biggest pawns of imperialism.

In 2012, Turkey accused Assad of arming and funding PKK to destabilize Turkey.

It may not be the socialist Utopia that the propagandists want us to believe.

Contrary to any logic, certain US/Saudi-backed moderate rebels have been named heads of certain cantons.

The PKK have been cracking down on dissidents. Stranger things have been going on.

They have been employing Child soldiers

Assyrians have been forcibly expelled and relocated.

They have been bombing and attacking Peshmerga forces.

Of course, Ocalan's brother denounces PKK and claims they have been trying to kill him and the family.

Anyways, none of this adds up. All I say is that this requires more examination under a skeptical microscope.