January 11, 2021

SKALE NETWORK - A Hidden Gem on Ethereum II Crash Course

Dear all SKALErs with love!

As you known SKALE NETWORK had started the jouney on 1st of July 2020. SKALE is an elastic blockchain network which gives the ability to develop decentralized and highly configurable dApps based on the Ethereum.

First of all it is a good start to read some blogs on our website;


Also a lot of information can be found over here; https://skale.network/docs/

SKALE Tokens

At the moment SKL tokens are already tradable (Binance, Huobi, Digifinex....). The general offer of tokens is 4 140 000 000 SKL and the maximum offer is 7 000 000 000 SKL. The price of public ICO was 0,03$.

SKL Tokens are released on the Ethereum platform according to the standard ERC-777 which compared to ERC-20 gives a chance not to delegate them directly to the validator and just give him only a secure delegation key.

The SKALE Network is now listed on the Crypto.com App

Buy and sell $SKL at true cost with no fees!

Bank transfer & credit card supported.


SKALE chains

here you can see where SKL is currenly traded;


SKALE chains are paid in and costs pegged in SKL tokens. Subject to change, but you can find information about pricing here - https://forum.skale.network/t/skale-chain-pricing/169


SKALE Virtualized Subnodes

Virtualized Subnodes are not restricted to a one-to-one mapping between participating nodes in the network . Each Sidechain is comprised of randomly appointed virtualized subnodes. They run SKALE daemon and run SKALE consensus. Containerized virtualized subnode architecture gives an opportunity for each node to run multiple Elastic Sidechains simultaneously.

Subnodes within a SKALE Node are referred to as Virtualized SubNodes. Each Virtualized Subnode participates in independent Elastic Sidechains.


There is a dashboard view of validators and what they are charging? or is the blog post "Meet the SKALE Network Validators" the next closest thing detailing commissions



You can read more about the SKALE Validator & Delegator Economics here: https://skale.network/blog/validator-economics/

SKALE just announced Everstake, the newest SKALE network validator. https://twitter.com/everstake_pool/status/1346147890520092679

SKALE Protocol
SKALE follows a Proof-of-Stake system where each node must stake a predetermined amount of SKALE (SKL Tokens). Holders of SKL can also delegate their tokens to any node in the network that does not already have the maximum number of tokens staked / delegated.
Most sidechain protocols are insecure. The reason is that most solutions have a small set of nodes validating each chain which are usually fixed and do not change. With this type of arrangement, application developers can encounter some serious risks at the consensus layer — risks that include collusion, bribery, and other bad things that can impact the validity of your transactions.

Reward for staking


It depends on : Amount SKL you stake the staking period And the Average Validator Fee, as % of Rewards Earned


Media Coverage

SKALE in the news!

The Daily HODL - Strategist Michaël van de Poppe Names His Top Crypto Assets As Money Flows From Bitcoin to Altcoins

"As for smaller-cap coins, Van de Poppe is focused mostly on second-layer solutions designed to improve the speed of blockchain networks, including Celer Network (CELR), MATIC Network (MATIC), and SKALE Network (SKL)." https://dailyhodl.com/2021/01/04/crypto-strategist-michael-van-de-poppe-names-his-top-crypto-assets-as-money-flows-from-bitcoin-to-altcoins/


Getting out the word on SKALE over the last two months has been a multi-pronged effort and podcasts are a great way to get information to people in a super consumable format. People may not be commuting given the current environment, but there are lots of moments to use for learning, whether it’s on a walk or during a workout

Check the article out over here:

There have been lots of marketing, as you can read here:


Excited to make the top 15 up and coming projects list on BlockBeats China! https://twitter.com/SkaleNetwork/status/1347243095625064448 Like and retweet!

Dev update

Developers can interact with the SKALE Manager directly or through the Developer Portal provided by SKALE. To create an Elastic Sidechain, users can rent space on SKALE nodes by depositing SKALE tokens into the SKALE Manager either directly or through the Developer Portal. Here you can read about the technical highlights of the SKALE Network: https://skale.network/blog/technical-highlights/

Dev working on something web friendly, but do post every few weeks or so a "code and dapps update" with the VP product, VP Solutions engineering and VP Marketing, where they talk about what's being worked on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpUk0eMmD00C7RXLT0g8SuA/featured

you can always go into github and see code updates


You can always check SKALE Network blog: https://skale.network/blog
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/uq3Nr6f
Telegram: https://t.me/skaleofficial
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SkaleNetwork/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/skalenetwork