June 11, 2021

The construction industry could buy them for less than a U

However, though the jury may be out for the moment, a class action lawsuit has been filed to represent Florida, Alabama and Louisiana on behalf of angry residents that claim the drywall did serious damage to air conditioning units, wiring, and piping. grade material and the installation was fast and cheap. Florida has received the bulk of the consumer complaints, with an estimated 100,000 plus homes made of the imported material.Chinese drywall emerged on the U. Investigations China pvc lamination film manufacturers and data collecting have shown that the Chinese drywall reacts to humidity and homes affected by water damage, however, just because you do not smell the sulferic gases or have not suffered a medical reaction as yet, does not mean that your home is in the clear. Sufficient evidence has been gathered to indicate that any property that is installed with the imported brand of Chinese drywall should be tested for harmful chemicals and waste materials.

The Columbia Analytical Services has contributed to the Consumer Product Safety Commission website and made available a home testing procedure for concerned Chinese drywall customers.Though the evidence has proved a serious problem with contamination from imported Chinese drywall, Congressional investigation has discovered there are no contaminates found in the domestically made product. Residents complained of a noxious rotten egg smell and many people suffered a physical reaction to the chemicals used in the Chinese drywall products. Headaches, nausea, sinus inflammation, nose bleeds and respiratory problems top the list sparking a flood of complaints sent to the Florida Department of Health.

The construction industry could buy them for less than a U. Most of the manufacturing problems have come from the southeast states, where a warm and humid climate may have hastened an adverse effect of the interior materials used in the Chinese drywall. However, the Chinese drywall panels do not come without controversy, and dissatisfied consumers and contractors are coming forward with valid complaints. The charge is that not only does the electrical work need costly repair, the homes have to be destroyed to remove the sulfuric-based compounds permeating the properties, with many residents left in the lurch with no place to live.. The test kit is moderately price at $100, inclusive of test results and full report delivered to the consumer. The Florida Health Department is investigating the Chinese drywall reports and is yet to determine if there are any long-term health risks to the consumers.

The turn around time for testing results is fast and efficient to determine if the Chinese drywall panels contain toxic or hazardous materials, separating the good Chinese drywall products from the bad. If you have a concern that your home was constructed with the tainted materials, you may visit The Consumer Product Safety Commission's website set up for concerned home owners to learn the facts on the variations of the Chinese drywall product. The consumer will extract approximately 5g of drywall filling and send it to the Columbia Analytical research laboratories for an analysis of the material compounds. market in 2004 and seemed to be the answer to costly building materials with a prefab factory-made wall paneling.