Unexpected Ways Athens Hostels and Hotels Can Make Your Vacation Better

Athens, the capital city of Greece is known for its rich culture and envisioned history. Ancient ruins along with caves and winding streets make the city an exceptional place.

It can be an overwhelming experience for tourists who look for reasonably priced Athens hotels that are close to the attractions. Conducting a few research and comparison, it will become easy to get the best and reliable accommodation.

Cost of Hotel Rooms is Proportional to the Location

The cost of rooms in hotels is directly proportional to the proximity to attractions. You may have to pay a bit more for availing accommodation in Athens in a convenient location. At the same time, you will be able to avoid unnecessary chaos, hustle and bustle of the city.

Referring to the guidebook will make it easy for you to avail a budgeted hotel or hostel in Athens without undergoing any hassle. People looking to enjoy the benefits of royal accommodation can make their bookings at Hotel Olympia or Francesco’s ios.

Budgeted customers may consider booking their rooms at Brazzera Hotel Syros, Lego Platamona or Students Inn. Both of them are known for offering modern amenities like spacious rooms and well-equipped bathrooms.

Enjoy the Trip to Top Tourist Sights

Basically, there are four main sightseeing spots in Athens. They are:

  • Acropolis – The Theatre of Herodes Atticus, the Parthenon and the Erechtheion make Acropolis an important site to visit in the Western part of the world.
  • Plaka – The regional city of Plaka lies to the north of the Acropolis. Top sites include cathedrals, the Greek Parliament Building, churches and shops.
  • Agora – It was a huge marketplace at the heart of ancient Athens. Still, some attractions like the Temple of Hephaestus preserves the ancient taste of the city.
  • National Archaeological Museum – The National Archaeological Museum is known for comprising anexclusive collection of Greek art. Ranging from the statue of Athina Varvakeion to the Mask of Agamemnon, everything can be spotted here.

If you want to explore these spots properly, then it will take about half a day. Thus, staying for two days in a hostel in Athens nearby these spots will let you enjoy your tour.

Enjoy Other Amazing Sights of Greece

After exploring the historical sites, you must be planning to visit some other amazing sights that Greece has to offer. If you move towards remote areas, then you will come across some less expensive hotels like Student Travelers Inn, Mimoza Millos, Fantasis Hotel Kasos and Villa Rena Andros. There you will be able to spend your vacation for long within a tight budget.

Greek islands have some applauding experience for the tourists. They will help them to explore the beauty of nature easily. Hence, a visitor will be able to spend days to know about this ancient island. Making bookings at Athens hostels in advance will be a good idea.

Along with availing discounts, one may prevent undergoing unnecessary hassles in finding hostels in Athens. Aesthetic painting on walls and cool displays in rooms will help in refreshing your mind for your forthcoming trip.

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